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Apple Tablet Rumors Return Yet Again

The on and off again chatter about Apple finally developing and releasing a Tablet PC device running the Mac operating system has reached a dull roar again, with a prototype allegedly in existence.

Search Queries Offer Real Estate Market Clues

Bill Tancer is not surprised by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) announcement that existing home sales dropped in July.

Yahoo Redirects Webmaster Queries
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Webmasters on the hunt for certain information through Yahoo Search will begin seeing their queries redirected to Site Explorer, which just received a significant update.

Googles Query Refinements

Search engines aim to provide the most relevant results in response to queries but limitations can be seen on what is actually returned based on the queries used.

Ask.com Blocking Questionable Search Queries

In an apparent attempt to block access to child pornography, Ask.com has begun restricting results for certain search queries that may lead to offensive and criminal content.

Database Queries

This is a basic tutorial to teach newbies how to query a MySQL database using PHP, and how to display the results.

Search Handled Five Billion December Queries

Search engines led by Google and Yahoo processed nearly 5.1 billion queries from users in December 2005, a huge jump from the 3.2 billion they delivered in December 2004.

Yahoo Successfully Queries For Andrei Broder

The former chief scientist for AltaVista, once the name in search until Google came along, has reemerged as Yahoo’s vice president of emerging search technology.

Google Personalization Patent Filed

Google has applied for a patent that, at face value, looks as if they are thinking of radically altering the way they rank websites in the general organic search results.

Geez, the Search Guys Really Don’t Talk to the Ad Guys, Do They?

Anyone in the SEO game is by now reading Matt Cutts’ blog, and well they should. The “real insider Googleplex scoop” is so often what emanates from Matt – and for those of us who don’t get to “that part” of the conferences, it’s really illuminating reading.

Blinkx Launches RSS Feeds For Search Queries

Today, Blinkx debuted SmartFeed, the newest feature to their search service, which focuses more and more on the rich media aspect of search. Initially, blinkx launched with the intention of developing a strong presence in the desktop search field, which has since become watered down.

Comparing Search Engine Results – My Experiment

A couple months back I was covering the launch of a new shopping search engine. As part of my event coverage I was allowed to be part of the beta group, prior to the launch only a handful of people [mostly employees and family members of employees] were able to take part in the Become beta test.

Using Profiler to Identify Poorly Performing Queries

Identifying Long Running Queries is First Step

At this step in the SQL Server performance audit, you should have identified all the “easy” performance fixes.

Nick Berg Video Leads Search Engine Queries

The gruesome beheading video of Nick Berg has become the most queried item in search engines, according to Terra Lycos’ Weekly Top 50. The site which initially aired the video, Muntada al-Ansar, was 3rd on Lycos’ list.

MineTech Works To Eliminate Random Queries

International data solutions and marketing company MineTech announced today the launch of a new search engine that eliminates users having to query endless streams of batched data delivered by popular keyword-based search engines like Google.

Forget High Rank: Optimize For User Queries

I am constantly amazed by the search engine optimization (SEO) dialog that centers on page content. Statements like, “I want my page to come up first on the search engine” or “My page is first on Google” are signs that the person just does not understand the challenge. Search engine results start not with the page but with the user query, and that is what we have to understand and manage in order to develop a customer-centric Web strategy.

The many uses of ColdFusion simulated queries

Like any modern Web application server, ColdFusion allows you to query databases and retrieve data. Unlike many Web application servers, CF makes it extremely easy to query databases and retrieve data.

Domain Logic and SQL

Over the last couple of decades we’ve seen a growing gap between database-oriented software developers and in-memory application software developers.