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Astronomers Spot the Most Massive Quasar Outflow Yet Seen

Astronomers have discovered a quasar with the most massive outflow ever seen. Quasars are bright galactic centers powered by supermassive black holes, and many of them accelerate the material around them, throwing it out a high speed in a process that plays a key role in the evolution of galaxies. The newly discovered quasar is, according to researchers, five times …

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Quasar Jailbreak Tweak Brings Window-based Multitasking To iPad

One of the most anticipated features of 2010’s iOS 4 (which launched alongside the iPhone 4) was multitasking. The feature was one of the few real advantages held over iOS by platforms like Palm’s webOS. As it turned out, though, what iOS users got with iOS 4 was not exactly multitasking – not the kind of multitasking they were used …

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