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Scott Bakula Talks About The End Of “Quantum Leap”

Scott Bakula has played many roles over the years, but for those of a certain age, he’ll always be Sam, the time-leaping, body-jumping physicist who found himself in a sticky situation on every episode of Quantum Leap. Recently, Bakula was reunited with his old co-star and good friend Dean Stockwell, and talked about the show that brought the two of …

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Scott Bakula to Star in ‘NCIS’ New Orleans Spinoff

Scott Bakula walked the red carpet at the Emmy Awards back in September and he will soon walk a new crew of NCIS agents straight to New Orleans with a spinoff of the beloved hit show, NCIS. In other words, Scott Bakula will soon become the Mark Harmon of NCIS set in New Orleans. The Quantam Leap star will play …

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