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The NSA Wants To Build A Quantum Computer

Quantum computing is the next big thing, or at least it is in the eyes of futurists and scientists. The proposed technology promises faster compute speeds beyond anything currently available. The crazy thing is that we’re almost there, and that’s mostly a good thing. The only concern is that quantum computing may be used for purposes that don’t benefit mankind …

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Kaku Explains the Future of Computing Power

Moore’s Law says that computer Power doubles every 18 months. However this “guideline” is in the process of breaking down. The limits of silicon technology are becoming apparent and new technology will need to be developed in order for computing power to progress. As theoretical physicist Michio Kaku says, computing power simply cannot continue at the exponential rate Moore’s law …

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German Scientists Make Iron Transparent

Scientists at DESY have made iron transparent. Well, let’s back up a moment. DESY is the Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron, or “German Electron Synchrotron”, the biggest German research center for particle physics. What they have been working on there is making atomic nuclei transparent with the help of X-ray light. At the same time they have also discovered a new way …

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