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SES: Ad Campaigns And Quality Scores

An ad that suffers from a low quality score doesn’t do anyone much good, so speakers at SES San Jose 2007 addressed the matter in a session titled “Ads In A Quality Score World.”

Google Opens Traffic Quality Center

Google’s debut of the Ad Traffic Quality Resource Center closely follows the arrival of a similar service from Yahoo.

Yahoo Opens Traffic Quality Center

Click fraud and its related issues form the focal point for a newly-opened point of reference at Yahoo Search Marketing.

Fear The Bots For Quality Score

Since Google added a new layer of complexity to the AdWords system this year in the form of Quality Score, not a lot has been published about how it works or why it does a certain thing.

Shocker: Writing Quality Important To Blog Readers

People have debated whether content is really king for some time, and for content producers, it seems a no-brainer: create quality content and the audience will come. That’s the way it’s always been, that’s how it will remain. A survey about blog readership conducted by Vizu confirms that mantra, and reinforces the importance of good writing.

Google: From Direct Marketing to Branded Ads

Ad Relevancy & Quality Scores

Google has again and again touted the value of their targeted marketing, but most of the fortune 500 ad dollars are not spent on targeted marketing. A couple weeks ago in a WebmasterWorld thread many advertisers complained about getting killed by another quality score update.

Google Shows Who’s Selling Cheap Quality Links
Google recently added the ability for you to report link buyers, which is probably nothing more than a mind control game and a complete waste of time. I recently saw what looked like obvious link buying by Discovery.com. Do you think Google would do anything about it if I reported them? Nope.

Changes Afoot With AdSense Policies

People returning to their feedreaders after the SMX conference and elsewhere found new AdSense policy changes awaiting them.

Shuman: Google’s Down With CQC

The eight principles the Click Quality Council would like to see search engines adhere to in improving PPC quality; Google’s cool with all of them.

Eight Principles Of Click Quality

The Click Quality Council has released a list of eight principles they believe should act as a blueprint for creating industry-wide click quality.

Video Podcasts Closer to TV Quality
R/WW reveals how a new video podcast network called ON Networks is bringing better production quality to the humble online show. While there are a few well produced video podcasts circulating the web, most resemble a video plucked from the rejected pile of AFV.

ON Networks hopes to bring a little TV magic to your computer screen with 8 well produced shows each with great content and entertaining hosts.

Paid Links Economy

Measuring the quality of an ad system

Many bloggers and other website owners around the world aren’t selling their content these days, they’re financing their site with advertising. Almost every ad system seems to be a compromise. You can measure this compromise across different parameters: is the ad relevant? Is it unobtrusive? Is it disclosed? Is the product or service advertised fair to users? Is the ad directly influencing search engine rankings? Is the ad creating a conflict of interest? Is the ad obfuscating the voice of the website owner?

Google AdWords Broad Keyword Matching

Google AdWords provides four keyword matching choices, “broad”, “phrase”, “exact” and “negative”.

SES: Search Speaks Up On Ad Quality Scores
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A controversial piece of the SEM puzzle considers whether or not a marketer’s advertisement suits the quality requirements of the search engines. A session at SES New York brought out the opinions from reps of Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft about ads and quality scores.

Sensational Titles: So 2006

Well now that people on the social media sites are starting to catch on / have caught on to link baiting, I’ve noticed it’s much harder to make the likes of the digg or reddit front pages. One to two months ago this was a much easier task. I’m not exactly sure if there has been one incident or algorithm change that caused the increased difficulty of making digg’s front page, but I do know that the window on link baiting is quickly closing.

Yahoo Click Fraud Settlement Approved
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This week a San Jose federal judge approved a settlement in the class action click fraud suit brought against Yahoo from several advertisers looking to recuperate $5 million in legal fees and credits for fraudulent clicks that date back nearly three years.

Google BlogSearch, Ranking Blog Documents Patent
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For a long time my blogs have performed amazingly well with Google Blog Search. I always appear in the relevant results quickly, and the results I obtain have some reasonable longevity, even when I am not the original source of a story.

Considering how much competition I often have for certain search terms which everyone seems to be writing about because of common interest, I must have been doing a number of things right.

How Might Google Be Ranking Your Blog?
Bill Slawski found a new patent on ranking blog documents that should be of interest to anyone with a blog. As you would expect Bill has given his usual overview of the patent, explaining things and making simple for the rest of us.

More Attention for Web Standards

Seems like web standards and accessibility are continuing to attract attention. Here are a few recent articles I’ve stumbled upon relating to web standards.

Web standards Not About Standardization

I just read one fricking fantastic post by Andy Rutledge on web quality.

Top Contributors Get Rewards from MySQL

I just read about MySQL’s Quality Contribution Program (QCP) and I have to say it rocks! It’s a great way to build and maintain community.

Essentially, folks who submit bug reports, test cases or code patches get “QA Points”. When contributors reach a certain level of points over the past 12 months, they get a 1 year subscription to MySQL Enterprise Basic, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

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