Quaero Starting To Build Momentum

Quaero Starting To Build Momentum

By Doug Caverly April 18, 2008

Although the "there" in this case represents more of a starting line than any results, French search project Quaero is indeed "getting there."  Reports indicate it’s making new hires and planning an important spring meeting.

Europe’s Challenge to Google’s Dominance

It seems the European Union is all too quick to question Google’s dominance and probe its acquisitions, but is there a huge conflict of interest to consider?

Theseus Aid Gets EU Authorization

The mythological Theseus was a Greek hero who became a king; he presumably became filthy rich, as well.  The modern Theseus – a German search engine project – has also gained quite a bit of money: the European Commission just authorized $165 million in aid.

Germans Bail From Quaero Partnership

France and Germany had great plans to take on Google for search engine dominance, but the French will have to go it alone as Germany withdraws from the project.

The French Oxymoron Called Quaero

In January, I wrote about Quaero, a planned European multimedia search engine, the answer to Google and brainchild of the French government.

Quaero: French Search Or N.C. Firm?

The much-discussed Quaero project, in development with French tech giant Thomson, adds Bertelsmann AG as the German project lead and partner in the venture; apparently neither of them bothered to do a whois lookup on the name first.

The Quaero Oxymoron

If you’ve been following the story of the Franco-German Quaero project – a planned European multimedia search engine, the answer to Google and brainchild of the French government – you’ll know that European politics have contributed to the mire it’s been in for some months.

Quaero Frightened Off The Web

French technology firm Thomson has withdrawn the Quaero project website after a barrage of interest from people followed French President Chriac’s portrayal of Quaero as a Google challenger.

Europe Wants Its Own Google

AP reports that a consortium of French and German techies are putting together Quaero, Europe’s answer to Google.