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Tattoo Shop Mixes Technology, Art In Help-Wanted Ad

A tattoo shop in Istanbul has come up with a unique way to weed out serious potential employees from the ones who just think it’ll be a fun job: their help-wanted ad merges a QR code with inking skills, so the candidate has to prove they can ink a straight line before they even get into the interview process. A …

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[Updated] Open Sesame: Google’s Newest Security Log-In Uses QR Codes

Be you a hyper-vigilant security hound or just a devoted paranoiac, Google has introduced a way in which you can at least alleviate that sensation whenever you log in to your Google account. In an effort to circumvent keyloggers or even security flaws on public computers, Google’s new log-in doesn’t require you to touch a keyboard at all (at least …

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Starbucks Makes A Killing From Mobile Transactions

No, that isn’t referencing the success of a Starbucks drive-thru, although, that subject would fit given the context of the headline. What we’re referring to is the financial success of the Starbucks mobile payment program, which makes use of the Starbucks app in relation to purchasing their goods and services. The mobile payment for coffee program was launched by Starbucks …

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Fandango’s Mobile Ticket Goes Wide

Is Fandango’s online movie ticket purchasing service about send paper movie tickets to the “extinct” pile with the wider release of their mobile ticket service? While it’s perhaps a little early to sound the death knell for the paper ticket industry, Fandango’s expansion of their online/mobile ticket program is a step in the right direction. To facilitate the mobile movie …

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Virtual Supermarket: Would You Grocery Shop With Your Smartphone?

What would you say to shopping at a virtual grocery store, using only a smartphone and two dimensional images of the available items? Would that be enough to make you stop going to actual supermarkets or does the tactile experience of actually selecting your groceries, followed by standing in a checkout line appeal to you? Granted, it’s the age-old argument …

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Jagtag Expands Its QR Code Technology

Jagtag said today it has expanded its mobile marketing platform with a new QR code offering.

To date, QR codes have only been accessible to U.S. users with an installed QR code-reading app on their smartphones. Now users with feature phones can send in a picture of a Jagtag QR code and receive video, images audio or text. The multimedia message is sent to the phone’s inbox, instead of appearing as a link. Jagtag’s device detection technology allows users to receive content optimized for their specific phone.


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