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Zynga Announces Third Quarter Results, Confirms Layoffs

Zynga is a mess. The company’s share price has plummeted into unknown depths and now trades at around $2.13. Can Zynga pick itself back up and become profitable again? Let’s take a look at its third quarter results and see if there’s any hope left. Zynga announced its third quarter results today and it’s not looking super great. The social …

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Apple Announces That They Still Make More Money Than Anybody Else

We knew for a while that Apple was going to reveal that they made a lot of money today. We just didn’t know to what extent. Thanks to Apple releasing their third quarter results, we can confirm that the company continues to make a lot of money. Apple announced today that the company made $35 billion in quarterly revenue with …

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Barnes & Noble Posts Q3 2012 Results, Announces 8GB Nook

The financial results for Barnes & Noble third quarter of the financial year have been released and, initially, all signs point in good directions for the bookseller. This might come as a surprise to some since speculation grew over the last year that the bookseller was headed toward bankruptcy. Nonetheless, the company is reporting an increase of 2.8% in comparable …

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