Python Articles

Weather Forecast For Google: Summer of Code

Google’s embrace of the open source computing community is growing stronger and stronger. If you are a code junkie and would like to make some extra cash, Google may have just the thing for you.

Use Wrappers and Proxies for Basic Web Services Tracking

Some commercial Web services software provides sophisticated Web services accounting features, recording details of Web services transactions recognized on the wire. But sometimes developers need accounting that is more modular, much more basic, and available on a shoestring. This article explains how to use advanced function composition tasks to add basic Web services monitoring capabilities.

Python in Systems Administration: Part I — Better Scripting

One well-honed item in every sys admin’s toolbox is a preferred scripting language — maybe sh, or ksh, or Perl, or something more unusual, like Rexx or Ruby. I find Python so capable and easy to learn that in my consulting role at Phaseit, I tell newcomers it’s the best single language they can learn. Python spans a wider range of applications than any other language I know — even more than C or Java — and beginners pick it up quickly.

Python vs. Perl

Perl folk seem not to like Python, at least not at first glance. It’s easy to understand why: the languages serve similar purposes, but have annoyingly different syntax and structure. There have been converts, though, and Eric S. Raymond’s experiences are probably not atypical.