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Calling All Hackers: Google Wants You To Break Chrome OS At Pwnium 3

Pwnium is the annual hacker competition where Google invites coders from around the world to find security holes in Google Chrome. That changes this year as Google wants hackers to break both of its Chromium projects. Google announced today that Chrome will be one of the browsers hackers can take on at the annual Pwn2Own Competition. This year’s competition is …

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Google Chrome Cracked By Six Bug Combo

By all accounts, Chrome is a pretty secure browser. If you want to crack it, you’re going to have to put in some serious time and effort. Good thing Chrome is more often cracked by those who wish to increase the browser’s security instead of hacking it for personal gain. A recent crack against Chrome was accomplished only after throwing …

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Google Chrome’s Pwnium Contest Makes The Web A Safer Place

Google began a competition called Pwnium last week that tasked hackers to find exploits on its Chrome Web browser. We reported how one Russian student had won $60,000 for his hack. The Google Chrome security team posted on

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Google Patches Chrome Flaw In 24 Hours

Yesterday we brought you news that Google had paid out $60,000 to Russian university student Sergey Glazunov for finding a security flaw in their Chrome browser. Glazunov, a participant in Google’s Pwnium contest, used a sandbox bypass to hack the latest version of Chrome running on a fully up-to-date Windows 7 PC. Google had offered a $60,000 prize to the …

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Google Chrome Hack Earns Student $60,000 At Pwnium

The Google Chrome Security Team made the offer to hackers the world over: come to CanSecWest security conference, have a crack at finding Chrome exploits, win $60,000 if you succeed. A part of the Chromium Security Rewards Program, the contest is Google’s open-invitation to hackers to help Google identify exploits in the Chrome browser, which is based on the open-source …

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