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Lena Headey Pleased with Game of Thrones Rape Scene

The HBO epic fantasy drama Game of Thrones recently aired a rape scene involving stars Lena Headey and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, which has caused some controversy, and now Headey has commented that “it felt great.” For those uninitiated in the lore and dealings of the Game of Thrones fantasy realms of Westeros and Essos, Headey and Coster-Waldau portray the aristocratic and …

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“Game Of Thrones” Purple Wedding Killer Unveiled?

Game Of Thrones served up another shocking episode on Sunday night with what fans are now calling “The Purple Wedding”; by now, most people are aware that a major character was killed off, but there’s an air of “whodunit” that has fans who haven’t read the books taking to social media. “By the time you get to the ninth episode, …

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