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Sun Polishes JRuby For Purchase

The two developers working on JRuby, a project to enable Ruby on the Java Virtual Machine, now work for Sun Microsystems.

Google’s Neven Buy Prods Conspiracy Theories

Neven Vision has been absorbed into the secretive bowels of the Googleplex, and Neven’s background in biometrics used by the government and law enforcement has prompted whispers of possible implications of the acquisition.

How Podcasts Impact B2B Purchase Decisions

A key aspect of lead generation is to engage people as early in their buying process as possible, because that’s where you can make the biggest difference. Simply put, engage early and often.

Microsoft Could Make Mobile Phone Ads

Microsoft may be in talks to acquire Third Screen Media, which identifies itself as a “marketing technology” company. If the deal goes through, Microsoft would gain access to technology that can deliver ads to cell phones, as well as the firm’s established customer base. Third Screen Media’s clients include USA Today and the Weather Channel.

Microsoft Making A Virtual Purchase

The application virtualization and streaming technologies provide application compatibility and accelerate corporate desktop transitions to Windows Vista, Microsoft said of the technology available from its new acquisition, Softricity.

Oracle Ponders Novell Purchase For Linux

With an earnings announcement coming up on April 18th, Oracle founder Larry Ellison has been wondering whether his firm should pick up SuSE Linux by buying Novell.

Google Writes A Check To Writely

Jen Mazzon today confirmed on the Google Blog rumors of Google acquiring the online word processing service Writely.com.

MySQL Counters Oracle With A Purchase

MySQL AB, the company behind the popular open source database, has acquired Netfrastructure Inc and gets a database guru in the deal.

Reuters Financial Glossary Wiki

Reuters is hosting a Financial Glossary Wiki, a fascinating case study for the way enterprises will host professional communities.

Oracle Acquisitions are Not About MySQL

I’ve been thinking about this for the last day or so and have come to the conclusion that Oracle’s acquisition of Sleepycat Software (and Berkeley DB) is not about MySQL.

Yahoo Tinkers With Music Engine

An upgraded version of the Yahoo Music Engine boosts the functionality of the product so users can more easily create playlists and share them with others.

Murdoch: MySpace The Next Big Portal
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Take the News Corp publisher’s vast fortune, add it to the very popular social networking site MySpace, and suddenly Rupert Murdoch is playing Fox to the major portal sites like MSN, Yahoo, and AOL.

Google Ready To Launch PPV?

After the mostly Google-less holiday season, the rumor mill is churning warp speed in the New Year. The Google PC is suddenly on the braniac minds of journalists and alpha-geek bloggers, as is Google Box or Cube or something, and suddenly-the idea seems perfectly likely and doable-a pay-per-view video service complete with its own payment system and hardware that could really benefit the indie film maker.

Yahoo! Hammered Over Konfabulator Successor

In my post on Monday about software hits and misses, I gave the new Yahoo! Widget Engine 3.0 a definite ‘miss’ verdict for the moment as this version for Windows really doesn’t appear to be worthy of unleasing on an unsuspecting public as this growing comment thread in the support forum clearly indicates.

Security Information Management Software Review

I don’t know if you’re familiar with a company called BrightTools or not. They are best known for their ActiveWorx Security Center product.

Microsoft The Real Skype Threat

The purchase of Skype by eBay has allowed it to keep its autonomy, but hasn’t reduced the threat of the big Internet players to Skype’s VoIP business.

eBay May Not Accept Google Purchase

A sudden change in eBay’s payment policy has many wondering if this is a preemptive move in preparation of the rumored Google Purchase, which could offer some serious competition to PayPal. Conspiracy theories and lots of between the line eyeballing are rampant, even if eBay insists the changes are to enhance protection for buyers.

Google Purchase Caught On Tape

The blogosphere is abuzz with speculation about the seemingly imminent release of a Google payment service, hitherto in rumor beta as “Google Wallet” and now known as “Google Purchase,” as fine-tooth combers notice some curious directory and domain activity. Oh yeah, and somebody has a screen shot.

Oracle Innobase Purchase Impacts MySQL
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As reported in several sources Oracle has acquired Innobase Oy for an undisclosed sum of money.

Microsoft IDs Alacris As Newest Purchase

Redmond’s resident tech titan acquired privately held identity and access management firm Alacris.

Purchase Right Up PodShows Alley

Adam Curry’s PodShow has purchased Podcast Alley, the Nashville-based podcast directory.