Online iPad 2 Orders Taking 2-3 Weeks To Ship

Online iPad 2 Orders Taking 2-3 Weeks To Ship

By John Vinson March 11, 2011

While brick-and-mortar sales won’t happen until 5 p.m (eastern time) , the iPad 2 was available to purchase online early this morning. However, it didn’t take long before all the orders available were placed. If you visit the iPad 2 …

Google Will Bid On Spectrum

Google will bid in the upcoming 700MHz wireless spectrum auction, the company announced this morning. Run by the Federal Communications Commission, the auction is scheduled to begin on January 24, and could run until March.

FTC Yawns At Yahoo, BlueLithium Deal

The Federal Trade Commission gave Yahoo’s acquisition of ad network BlueLithium its stamp of approval.

Another Analyst Becomes A Yahoo

Lehman Brothers analyst Doug Anmuth gives Yahoo its second straight day of major Wall Street love for the Internet company’s stock.

Microsoft To Purchase Parlano

Microsoft has announced it will purchase Chicago-based Parlano, maker of MindAlign, an application for corporate group chat.

Scripps Purchases Recipezaar

Scripps Networks has purchased Recipezaar, a user- generated recipe community site with more than 230,000 recipes.

Answers Looks Up Dictionary.com Purchase

Next to that term, Answers Corp found an entry for $100 million, and acquired Lexico Publishing Group.

Google To Purchase Postini For $625 Million
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Google has announced that it is acquiring Postini, an on demand communications e-mail security company.

Consumers Look Online For Auto Purchase

In the final decision making process of buying an automobile, over half of consumers (53%) use the Internet as their main source for finding information about a vehicle they will purchase according to a DoubleClick Performics survey.

Sponsorships Work Better Than AdSense
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One blogger found that a trio of potential revenue streams simply did not work for him; he did credit paid sponsor ads for their help.

Video May Come To Google Talk
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Google’s acquisition of Swedish-based Marratech, a video conferencing software company, should lead into Google Talk becoming more competitive with eBay’s Skype and other services.

Experian Acquires Hitwise for $240 Million
All of those great charts that Hitwise so freely provide us, have paid off big time for the web intelligence company. Information services provider Experian has announced their cash purchase of Hitwise for $240 million.

Perspectives on Link Buying

I like to buy links. In fact, I love to buy links. As powerful and relevant as possible. The more they are such, the more they will help search engine rankings. Search engine rankings help sales. I love to buy sales even more than I like to buy links. I love to scale this process too. I am a capitalist. Capitalist theory may have it’s downfalls, but overall it has served our country pretty well. I think a case could be made for just about any link on the web being purchased in one way or another. You can read my thoughts on not being a link communist here.

DoubleClick Goes To Google For $3.1B

Online advertising network DoubleClick will become part of Google in an all cash deal valued at $3.1 billion, giving Google a big third-party ad serving network.

Europe and Web Analytics

I caught up with Lars Johansson earlier this week to discuss Web Analytics in Europe.

Perception Of Value

Why do people buy your products? Why do they purchase any product or service? One thing’s for certain, it’s not about the price.

Jux2 Wizes Up Since Its Purchase

The Jux2 metasearch engine sold on eBay for $101,000 last October, and its purchaser, Doug Baker, recently posted about his acquisition.