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Jim Henson’s Son Dies Of Heart Attack At Age 48

John Henson died at his home in Saugerties, New York on Friday. According to his sister Cheryl Henson, he died of a sudden heart attack after building an igloo with his daughter. Henson was 48. John Henson was the fourth …

YouTube Explains Copyright In The Best Way Possible YouTube Explains Copyright In The Best Way Possible

Copyright law is confusing. Even lawyers have trouble grasping copyright law, so it stands to reason that regular ol’ content producers on YouTube would have trouble as well. Don’t worry – YouTube and its puppet pals are here to help. …

FCC Gets Monkey’s Paw From Telco Front Group

You might say it’s a sort of monkey’s paw that Hands Off the Internet, an AT&T-backed "grass roots" organization has called on the FCC to investigate Comcast for violating the four principles of Network Neutrality. On the surface, it looks like progress. But can it be trusted?

Gmail Shines In Googler Video

Where does a major Internet company with a $143 billion market cap and millions of dollars in cash in the bank turn to when it’s time to create an ad campaign for Gmail? To its cube dwellers, of course.