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Oscillating X-ray/Radio Millsecond Pulsar Spotted

Astronomers today announced that they have found a “missing link” for pulsar research. A pulsar has been found to oscillate between emitting radio waves and X-rays while spinning extremely fast. Pulsars, which are the remnants of dead stars (neutron stars) that were not massive enough to become black holes, are generally classified by the type of electromagnetic emissions they create. …

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New NASA Video Shows Massive Pulsar Jet in Action

NASA this week released footage that shows exactly what a jet of particles shooting out from around a pulsar looks like. Astronomers say the new research could provide new insight into these super-dense objects. The video features the Vela pulsar, which is a neutron star that formed after the collapse of a massive star. The star is around 1,000 light-years …

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