Blogging From A Sinking Ship

Blogging From A Sinking Ship

By WebProNews Staff June 15, 2006

PubSub CTO Bob Wyman was never one to pull punches. And though the blogosphere has been a store window for many companies, Wyman’s latest blog entry detailing not just that the company is days from bankruptcy, but chronicling the internal political struggles between himself and the CEO, has some wondering at what point transparency becomes the medium of aired dirty laundry.

PubSub, Viacom Affiliate TV Stations in RSS Alert Deal

PubSub and Viacom have inked a deal to integrate PubSub’s RSS alerting technology on all CBS local affiliate news pages.

Alls Fair In Love and Search

PubSub CTO Bob Wyman and Feedster CTO Scott Johnson can agree on one thing, they don’t like Google, especially when it comes to blog search and fighting splogs (spam blogs). But when they weren’t dogpiling on Google at SES Chicago, they took jabs at each other as they jockeyed for top position in the search world.

Its Not Spying, Its Business Intelligence

A new subscription service for marketers allows subscribers to keep an ear to the blogosphere and other social media realms with automatic keyword updates. Similar to Google News Alerts, PubSub struck a deal with business intelligence company Cymfony to deliver the latest buzz.

Following On-Line Conversations is Hard Work!

“Markets are conversations” That phrase comes from the Cluetrain Manifesto and appears frequently in blog postings and comments.

PubSub Testing Blog Waters With New Ranking System

PubSub.com released LinkRanks yesterday, calling it the “Blogosphere’s most comprehensive tool for tracking the popularity and influence of blogs and websites,” along with a list of its top 1000 most influential sites with web feeds.

PubSub Celebrates Football Season

Hear that sound? The sound of pads hitting together signifying It’s almost time for the gridiron giants to resume their modern day re-enactment of the gladiator competitions from so long ago? Yes folks, it’s almost time for football season to start.

IceRocket Ices BlogScour Rumors

Last week, it was reported that IceRocket was to become BlogScour, but it turns out that the information was false. IceRocket CEO Blake Rhodes told SearchEngineJounal the facts.

Blog Search Will Soon Be Extinct

You may have noticed there’s a big space race going on to build the best blog search engine.

MySpace Is Now FoxSpace
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Okay, so NYT bought About.com – which is basically just a form of citizen journalism. Okay, so IAC bought AskJeeves, and in the process got the much beloved Bloglines.

Russell Beattie Hates Me

Well, not me specifically, but PR bloggers and PR people. For someone that laments and strikes out at the PR / marcom industry bloggers, he has done a little bit of work in the industry. Personally, I didn’t know IBM had a media relations office in Boca Raton. That must have been a cool job.

Pubsub Founder Worried About Microsoft’s Impact On Syndication Developers

Bob Wyman, founder of Pubsub (my favorite RSS search engine): Microsoft to dominate Blogging sooner than expected.

Brits Invade US Again at SXSW

My RSS reader this morning is full of posts about SXSW, the South by Southwest Festivals and Conferences taking place in Austin, Texas, from 11-20 March.

BurrellesLuce Monitors a Mere 1000 Blogs

BurrellesLuce, a popular clipping service used by the PR industry, put out a press release this week …

Scoble’s Law of Five

As usual, Scoble gives great advice on how to get a product noticed by bloggers – find five bloggers and mention their names in posts to play to their egos.

PubSub Monitoring Quakes

PubSub is one of those companies looking to be at the cutting-edge of search, blog feeds and information monitoring (they continuously scan over 8 million blogs and over 50,000 newsgroups).

Definitive Blog Book Gains Traction

Things are beginning to move with The Red Couch, the collaborative work on producing what could be the definitive business book …