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How Three Publishing Myths Kill the Author

Agents and publishing houses have their best interests at heart, not the author’s. Save yourself from headaches, disappointments, and money down the drain. Become your own independent publisher and produce your book faster and cheaper. All you need is a little help from professionals.

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Print Publishing vs Electronic Publishing

Actually, “versus” isn’t the best word. The two mediums are different, but they’re not mutually exclusive. Meaning, you can publish the same book in both mediums. In fact, that’s my goal. Each attracts a different group of readers and I want all the readers I can get.

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If You Are Thinking of Publishing An eBook…

May I Ask You A Few Questions First?

When Was The Last Time You Read A Scroll?

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A Mini-Course in Ezine Publishing – Lesson 1

Starting and building an online business takes a lot of commitment. You must promote yourself and your reputation in order to build trust among your visitors. By doing this, you will also be building and improving your business.

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3 Publishing For Traffic Strategies!


Publish e-zines for other people for free. In return for your work in designing, updating and gathering content, request that your promotional ad be placed at the top of each issue.

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The Future of Electronic Publishing

UNESCO’s somewhat arbitrary definition of “book” is:

“”Non-periodical printed publication of at least 49 pages excluding covers”.

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