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Google Helps News Publishers With Sitemaps

An expressed desire for better indexing from Google News has prompted Google to release a Sitemaps product specifically for those news publishers.

French Publishers Sue Google Over Torn Pages

The French Publishers Association (SNE) has joined a lawsuit targeting the Google Book Search service. The group’s objections stem from its interpretation of intellectual property laws. It also – this is not a joke – objects to the way in which Google depicts search results as “ragged-edged” pieces of paper.

Google Delays Authors Guild Case

Motions for summary judgments in Authors Guild v Google have been delayed at Google’s request, and will not be filed until January 2008.

MSN Won’t Fight Belgian Publishers

After Google did a lot of foot-stomping, breath-holding, and tongue-sticking in Belgium over the demands of Copiepresse newspaper publishers, MSN is trying to play nice with Belgian critics. As usual, Microsoft tests the waters by letting somebody else go first.

Publishers: Rock; Advertisers: Hard Place

Some ado was made recently about Google AdSense sensitivity filters blocking revenue-generating ads based on the nature of the content, and replacing those spots with public service announcements. There is additional concern that publishers will refrain from hard-hitting content to protect that revenue. We got in touch with Google to their side of it.

Inform Aims For News Publishers

The news search engine has shifted to marketing its services to publishers, and has landed the Washington Post and Huffington Post as early partners.

Blogger Gives Publishers RSS

Blogger seems to have finally provided publishers with an RSS 2.0 feed.

Advertisers Neglecting New King Of All Media
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The Web as an advertising medium is vastly underexploited in light of a unique new study revealing that Web usage dominates all other media in daily use. Additionally, the study found, chronic Web surfers tend to spend more freely than TV watchers.

Search Is Academic To Windows Live

Microsoft announced the beta release of its Windows Live Academic Search service in seven countries, and focused the search service on conducting research across a spectrum of academic journals.

Podcasting Monetization Strategies for Publishers

With the growing popularity of podcasting, publishers and marketers around the world are asking themselves how to monetize this content channel and make delivering audio content via RSS profitable.

AdSense Is Smarter Than Site Publishers

Google’s explanation about Ford Explorer ads showing up on numerous sites with no automotive-related content said it’s all about the impressions.

Google Lyrics SearchDj vu?

At what point has the music industry’s fierce guarding of it’s content gone too far? And how far does Fair Use protect Google as it seeks to index the world’s information? The biggest blow-out of the year was between Google and publishers over the Google Book Search project. The next big blow-out may land Google in the sights of the music industry after the search company launched a music lyrics search function.

Search Offers Challenges To Business Publishers

The growth and acceptance of search engines posed a conundrum to sites like the Wall Street Journal, and they still see a need for a more effective business model.

Google, Authors, Publishers, NYPL, Etc

A live blogger at last night’s “intellectual law smackdown” featuring Google, the Authors Guild, the Association of American Publishers, and Wired Magazine captured the rancorous debate about Google Book Search.

Name Change For Google Print

Feeling that the name would cause confusion, the folks in charge of the Google Print program have changed the name of the program to Google Book Search.

How To Get Noticed By Editors And Publishers

To be a successful writer and get noticed, being good often isn’t good enough. You have to shine. You have to have something that puts you above all others. Of course though, nobody is perfect. Everyone has faults and flaws. But everyone has talents and abilities too. What’s your talent?

Google Print Continues Amid Controversy
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Google will resume scanning in-copyright works today at partner libraries as part of its Google Print for Libraries program. The project was temporarily suspended after author and publisher outrage over potential copyright infringement so the search company could negotiate the terms.

German Publishers Fight Google Print

As publisher and author conflicts with Google heat up on the legal front over Google Print, publishers in Germany plan to avoid the problem by starting their own network.

More Publishers Sue Google

Brad Hill reports that the American Association of Publishers has sued Google over its Google Print book scanning initiative, following suit (literally, pardon the pun) with the Author’s Guild, which did the same a month ago.

Blogs Are Hurting B2B Publishers

TechWeb brings us a gloom and doom research report stating that business to business trade media will see print ad spending decrease due to blog advertising, sponsorship and content opportunities.

Yahoo, Music Publishers Battle To A Draw

ASCAP and NMPA reps announced they have broken off talks with the heads of Yahoo and other digital subscription companies.