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Online Public Relations and Blogs

Later today I’ll be presenting here at DMA-06 on a panel called, Blogs, RSS and Podcasting with Amanda Watlington from Searching for Profit and Stephan Spencer from Netconcepts. Basically, my presentation will cover how blogs can be used as public relations tools in the context of “Push and Pull PR”. The presentation is broken up into:

Sprint’s Botched Blogger Product Review

When Sprint sent an LG Fusic phone to a blogger in hopes he would write about it and Sprint’s new Power Vision Network, they may have understood the slight possibility he would write a negative review. But they probably didn’t expect 3,100 words (seven pages) about how much he hated both.

The Joys Of Syn…dication

The panel for the Syndicate Conference session, “Everything you always wanted to know about PR and Syndication but were afraid to ask,” traded comments on the tools and techniques for making syndication work in the world of public relations.

Blog Elevator Speech

We need to position blogs correctly, now more than ever, as businesses realize their potential….

Building Rock Star PR Teams

One of the most interesting things that I encounter in public relations is team building. Not the touchy-feely stuff that you go on goofy retreats for, the team camaraderie building stuff, but on how you build a great team.

P&G’s Blogging Secret

PR Machine noted recently that P&G is now marketing via blogs. According to AdRants, it’s via a …

Wendy’s Crisis Communications

Wendy’s public relations team has received high marks from the media on their handling of the recent “San Jose Incident.”

Blogs’ Impact on Analyst Relations

The Yahoo! account team over at public relations firm Fleishman Hillard brings us a great example of the impact blogs can have on analyst relations. And since I am no longer at an agency, I have no problems submitting it up for your review.

Aggregators: the Risk and Reward

Part of any good PR person’s job is to stay up on current events. Some may assume this job is even harder with the advent of blogs. While the quantity of content does increase, you can still work smart and not hard to collect and process only the news relevant to you and your target clients/industries.

Edelman/Intelliseek Publish Blog White Paper

Intelliseek and Edelman announced a new study on the impact of blogs. The study, “How Real People Are Finally Being Heard,” claims to be the 1.0 Guide to the Blogosphere.

E-Mail is Dead, Long Live RSS

OK, the subject of this post should read: “Proclaiming something to be dead is dead.” But I figured this headline might raise more ire.