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PubCon – Multivariate Testing, Conversion Tweaking
Getting traffic to your site is an important step. The finishing part of the picture is getting your site to convert those visitors into customers. This panel will look at ways that you can increase your site performance.

PubCon – Microsoft Party Pics
It was my first Microsoft party last night and it turned out to be a doosy. I went with Rich Ord, Mike McDonald (who won a Zune) and Tiffany Doughty from iEntry (WebProNews).

Pics from PubCon
The last day of WebmasterWorld’s Pubcon is literally a gathering in a pub. This is the genesis of how Pubcon was started, an informal gathering of members from WebmasterWorld.

PubCon – Organic Keyword Research
Developing keyword lists is a mission critical step for organic search engine optimization. This panel will review how to mine keywords, research keywords, expand keywords, and refine keywords.

PubCon – Blue Men & Social Media

On Friday the team and I returned from PubCon 2008. I have to say that PubCon is one of those events I look forward to every year (even though this is only my second year!).

For SEO conferences, PubCon is easily the least expensive one. But on an ROI level, it is also easily one that provides the most bang for your buck.

Here are a few sessions that I enjoyed the most:

PubCon – Alternative Discovery & SEO
Learn the best tips, tools, and techniques for non-traditional optimization for both indexing as well as ranking support. This includes files such as PDF’s, doc’s, PODCATS and RSS feeds.

PubCon – Press & PR Campaigns

The last session of the day for me was “Press and Public Relations Campaigns” with Robin Liss of Reviewed.com and Joe Beaulaurier from PRWeb.

PubCon – SEO and Big Search
It turns out that just because a programmer can write a search engine algo it doesn’t mean they can reverse-engineer that algo from a web page. Search engine’s own people need some training and help getting pages indexed and ranked well from time to time.

This panel will discuss how and when search engines SEO their own sites and what optimizers and site owners can learn from their experiences.


  • Joseph Morin


PubCon – AOL’s Melanie Mitchell

I met Melanie Mitchell at last year’s Pubcon and was amazed at what a job being a Vice President of SEO/SEM at a company like AOL must be.

PubCon – Competitive Intelligence
When evaluating and planning your own direction, knowing your sector’s finer points is mission critical.

It’s difficult to look at your competitors without leaving tracks. It can be a challenge, but is extremely important to manage your own reputation. This panel will look at a number of issues surrounding competitive intelligence being probed by the competition and probing the competition yourself.

PubCon – WoM Marketing
Word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective and long lasting techniques for increasing traffic to a web site. This session will detail effective word of mouth marketing campaigns and how to integrate them into your online advertising mix.

PubCon: Getting In The Video Game

At the PubCon session "Startup Costs-Getting in the Video Game" the panel discussed the process of adding video you your site.

PubCon – European Site Optimization

This session is a round up of current international optimization and promotion issues. Panelists will address multi-language issues, Euro PPC/SEO, and how to crack the Southeast Asian riddle.

PubCon – CSS and HTML Coding
CSS today is almost synonymous with Web 2.0. We have come a very long way from the days of simply tweaking your links to remove the underline.

Panelists will discuss the cut corners, the non-underlined links, the freaky mouse-overs, and other code beautification techniques. HTML, on the other hand, has moved closer towards XML and feeds. Our panelists will discuss how to update your code to match what is evolving on the web.

PubCon – Matt Cutts Keynote
This is a pure question and answer session with the master Google company guy, Matt Cutts.

PubCon – Enterprise SEO
The Enterprise Level SEO and SEM Issues panel included a great roundup of search marketing expertise with Andrew Gerhart, Scott Polk, Tanya Vaughan and moderation duties handled by none other than Bruce Clay.

PubCon – Unjust Link Buying Worries

So Worried that You Forgot to Compete

While on the link buying panel at WebmasterWorld’s Pubcon a few people were pushing that you might need to consider how Google will view your current link buys 5 years down the road, and that they may hurt you then for what you do now. Upon hearing that I said something like "less than 5 years ago I bought spammy links and if I did not I probably wouldn’t be speaking here right now". That got a cheer from the crowd. Who wants to be worried about what Google thinks or does 5 years from now? That is no way to innovate or take marketshare from current market leaders.

PubCon – Exhibit Hall Pics

At every conference there’s an exhibit hall and that’s where plenty of meet and greet networking happens as well as interesting discussions with vendors that server the search marketing industry.

There were a good number of exhibitors at Las Vegas Pubcon including Google, Yahoo and Microsoft as well as a variety of vendors ranging from enom which sported a Ferrari to PRWeb to Bruce Clay.

Here are a few photos from the exhibit hall floor:

PubCon – Effective Domaining Strategies
Today’s domain picture is multifaceted and complex. This session will look at effective processes and strategies for successful domain buying today.

SES – Managing PPC for Multiple Clients
This session will define and discuss industry best practices in Pay Per Click Account Management as well as discuss geographical ad targeting, best use of ad spend per keyword, targeting competitive vs. niche keywords, and managing multiple clients while using multiple ad tracks (AdWords, YSM, AdCenter, etc.)

Moderator: Kevin Ryan, Vice President, Global Content Director, Search Engine Strategies and Search Engine Watch

PubCon – In-house SEO
The “In House SEO” panel included Jessica Bowman formerly with Business.com but now with Yahoo, Bill Macaitis from Fox Interactive Media and Aaron Shear who was from Shopping.com but is now a consultant.

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