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Tips For Organic Keyword Research And Selection

In the session "Organic Keyword Research and Selection" the panel offered strategies for developing keyword lists for organic search engine optimization.

Coverage of PubCon South Austin continues at WebProNews Videos. Stay with WebProNews for more notes and videos from the event this week.

Seth Wilde, Search Engine Marketing Manager, uShip, talked about keyword research methods.

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Google Launching Friend Connect API

At PubCon Matt Cutts just announced the launch of the Google Friend Connect API. It let’s you copy javascript and make your blog more social.

Editor’s note: How do you think the launch of the Google Friend Connect API will affect data portability? Share your thoughts. WebProNews anchor Abby Jonnson spoke with Cutts at the conference:

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Social Media Marketing Thoughts from the Experts

Lee OddenBusinessWeek asks if Twitter is the Next, which is an interesting question because at PubCon South, Top Rank Marketing‘s Lee Odden referenced a company that bought ads with Monster (and other places like it) but got better results from Twitter.

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Using Analytics To Track Results

Knowing how well your Web site is doing is obviously important and in the session "Tracking and Results Analytics" the panel focused on the best ways to measure success.

Coverage of the PubCon South conference continues at WebProNews Videos. Stay with WebProNews for more notes and videos from the event this week.

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Listen and Think Before You Tweet

Recently I’ve discussed how businesses can use Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic to their sites, and even looked at some specific examples of how local businesses here in Lexington, KY are using Twitter.

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Affiliate Marketing Suggestions And Advice

Search this, social media that – a certain group of people might have thought all of PubCon would pass without so much as a nod in their direction, eh?  Well, never fear, as one session did indeed focus on affiliate marketing and some of the advantages, drawbacks, and strategies associated with it.

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PubCon South: Universal And Personal Search

How can you make sure your site ranks well in SERPs when there are many more things to consider when doing SEO? The PubCon South session "Universal and Personal Search – This Changes Everything" offers the answers.

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