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HP Aims to Improve Data Protection and Archiving

At Storage Networking World in Europe, HP introduced some new products and services for the archiving and protection of data.

LexisNexis Working On Copyright Protection

LexisNexis and iParadigms teamed up to create a product called CopyGuard to help detect plagiarism and copyright infringement and protect intellectual property. At a time where people and companies are having real problems with copyright protection, this may be a suitable solution for protecting their properties.

Internet Porn Exists And .xxx Is Just Simpler

Though people have been leery for years about regulating the Internet, that reticent stance is exactly what has caused a Wild West of online porn sites that don’t care who sees what they’re peddling. Recently, in their ever-efficient way, the two ruling parties of the United States government have been in a tizzy over the topic, and it is becoming clear that Internet regulation is soon to be a reality-even if either party hasn’t fully agreed on how to handle it. One’s blind and the other is trying to kill a fly with a bazooka.

CD Copy Protection Vexing Some Users

Owners of the Apple iPod media player have found new CDs with copy protection schemes can’t be imported to the iPod.

Congress Finally Moving On Data Security Measures

Banks and credit card companies have claimed they could maintain data security without government legislation.

Microsoft Data Protection Manager Release Announced

Microsoft wants users to have control of their file backups and recovery, and do it with a hard disk instead of a tape.

Cisco Takes On DDoS With New Protection Solution

The ubiquitous networking company makes an announcement at Chicago’s Supercomm 2005 Convention today about stopping Distributed Denial of Service attacks.

Firefox Blush At Browser Protection Ad

CNET News: “The Mozilla Foundation passed on using a condom-themed poster to tout its Firefox browser, but volunteers want to revive the ad to emphasize the software’s security features.”

Microsoft Releases Beta of System Center Data Protection Manager

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the beta release of their Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM). The utility was designed to provide a continuous disk-based backup and recovery solution for the Microsoft Windows Server System.

Winn-Dixie Files For Protection

Winn-Dixie filed for bankruptcy protection, but the company doesn’t have a whole lot of time to attract more customers.

Port Protection Money Spent Insufficiently

An internal audit at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security shows that money designated for port protection has been spent without the most vulnerable facilities being focused on sufficiently.

Researchers Working On New Protection Methods

The way you type when working at a computer may be the foundation for a new password system being tested by researchers from 2 major universities.

Password Protection with PHP, MySQL, and Session Variables
· 1

One of the great promises that actually came true when our Internet-enabled world reached the twenty-first century is efficient customer-to-business interaction.

Integrated System for Wireless LAN Management and Protection

Wavelink introduced Wavelink Managed Security, the industry’s first integrated system for wireless LAN management and protection.

AOL Instant Messaging Protection

NFR Security has released a new network security protection package for AOL Instant Messaging (AIM) to further enhance the company’s Sentivist product.

Sender ID: The Next Wave in Email Protection

So what’s all this talk about “Sender ID” and what exactly does it mean to you as an email user? Sender ID is the convergence of Microsoft’s “Caller ID” and Meng Wong’s “Sender Policy Framework” (SPF).

Windows JPEG Vulnerability Protection

Secure Computing’s Sidewinder G2 Security Appliance customers that have activated the Sidewinder’s embedded anti-virus module have protection from an expected wave of malicious worms exploiting the recently announced Windows JPEG vulnerability – before the worms can reach unprotected desktops.

Linux Data Protection Gets an Upgrade

A major new upgrade to Arkeia Network Backup solution reaffirms its leadership position in the Linux data protection marketplace.

Yosemite Technologies to Support Microsoft Data Protection Server

Yosemite Technologies today announced its plans to support Microsoft Data Protection Server (DPS), a continuous, low-cost disk-based backup and recovery solution.

Microsoft Enters the Disk-based Backup and Recovery Industry

Industry Partners Demonstrate Broad Support for Microsoft Data Protection Server to Provide Customers With Rapid and Reliable Disk-Based Data Recovery.

Microsoft Adds Improved Anti-Virus Protection For Hotmail

As the fight for email dominance continues, it seems each major player is bringing more to the table in order to one-up the other. With email being a major source of virus infections, any update to anti-virus protection is bound to draw attention. And so, Microsoft has announced that they will improve Hotmail’s tools to combat viruses that are spread through email.