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Alix Tichelman Back in the Courtroom

Public defenders representing Alix Tichelman, the northern California call girl charged with murdering Google executive Forrest Hayes aboard his yacht last November, have suggested that other women had visited the deceased before their client did, and have asked the prosecution for access to more surveillance footage. Jerry Christensen, one of three public defenders representing Tichelman, commented outside Santa Cruz County …

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Alix Tichelman Had a Long History of Drug Abuse

A former housemate of Alix Catherine Tichelman, who police say injected a fatal dose of heroin to a Google executive who repeatedly paid her for sex, had a drug habit that had likely progressed into full-scale dependence. Google executive Forrest Hayes was found dead on his yacht in Santa Cruz, California last November, and authorities initially concluded that it was …

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‘Ice Road Truckers’ Driver Tim Zickuhr Charged With Kidnapping Vegas Hooker

Tim Zickuhr, one of the drivers on History Channel’s show Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads, is facing felony charges for purportedly kidnapping a prostitute named Lisa Cadeau, also called “Snow White.” According to police reports, Zickuhr went to an ATM machine and asked Cadeau to use his credit card to withdraw cash so that he could pay her for sexual …

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‘Ice Road Truckers’ Star Arrested for Kidnapping Prostitute

The show Ice Road Truckers on The History Channel showcases multiple different truckers driving on frozen lakes and rivers near the Arctic in places such as Canada and Alaska. The show’s appeal comes from the adrenaline rush viewers receive by watching these truckers narrowly escape peril after peril, all for the sake of making some extra cash. The show debuted …

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