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Propane Shortage Leads to Price Surge in Midwest US

Much fuss has been made about the polar vortex that swept across the US this winter, bringing with it the lowest temperatures the United States has seen in decades. The Midwest, Northeast, South are the areas which have been hit the hardest. Because of these unnaturally cold temperatures and above-average amounts of snowfall, everyday life in these areas has essentially …

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Train Derailment in Canada Causes Fire, Homes Evacuated

Fire continues to burn Wednesday after a train carrying oil derailed in New Brunswick, Canada Tuesday. The train consisted of 122 cars and four locomotives. Only eight were transporting crude oil and propane from Canada, which were destined for an Irving Oil refinery in Saint John, New Brunswick. Although there is no official explanation to why it occurred, Canada’s Transportation …

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Florida Propane Plant Explosion Believed To Be Result of Human Error

On Monday, July 29, a propane plant in Tavares, Florida experienced a string of explosions during the night, resulting in giant flames and earth-rocking explosions. The Tavares sheriff had originally reported that casualties from the explosions were high, with fifteen people unaccounted for, seven injured, and all other safely accounted for. Eventually, however, the fifteen employees were found and accounted …

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