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Advertising On Twitter: Become A Marketing Shogun Advertising On Twitter: Become A Marketing Shogun
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Have you and your business been quietly swelling with greed when you see promoted tweets on Twitter, imagining all of the revenue those advertisements must be earning for someone out there that isn’t you? You probably should get in on …

Twitter Expands Promoted Accounts, Promoted Tweets In Timelines To Mobile Apps Twitter Expands Promoted Accounts, Promoted Tweets In Timelines To Mobile Apps

Twitter just announced the expansion of its Promoted products (also known as ads) across its mobile experience. While Promoted Trends and Tweets have been on Twitter’s mobile search for a while (and likewise for Promoted accounts and Promoted Tweets in …

Twitter Launches Promoted Political Ads
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Prepare yourself for an onslaught, as political ads have just made their debut on Twitter. As the Republican presidential primary battle heats up, candidates and interest groups will now be able to make sure that their message is seen by …

The NFL and Twitter: Doing Promoted Tweets Right The NFL and Twitter: Doing Promoted Tweets Right

If you take a trip over to Twitter today, be sure and notice the promoted hashtag that leads the current pile of Twitter trends. It may be the most timely and relevant use of Twitter’s promoted tweets program, well, ever. …

Twitter Expands Functionality of Promoted Tweets Twitter Expands Functionality of Promoted Tweets
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The money-making ability of Twitter has long been a point of contention. Is the micro-blog site capable of producing ad revenue along the same lines as Google? With the expanded capabilities of Twitter’s “Promoted Tweets” program, we’re about to find …

Google Mixes Promoted Tweets Into Real-Time Results
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Google has a market cap of almost $198 billion right now, and most of that money stems from the company’s ability to sell ads.  So congratulations are due to Twitter, which somehow sealed an ad-related deal whereby Promoted Tweets show up in Google’s real-time search results.

This is remarkable for two reasons.  Number one: this is the first time Google’s ever allowed ads straight from another network to appear in its search results.  Number two: a 50/50 revenue split is apparently taking place.

Twitter Toys With Promoted Tweets in User Timelines
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Twitter announced today that it has begun limited testing of its Promoted Tweets, announced earlier this year, in users’ timelines. For starters, they’re only doing this with partner Hootsuite for some users.  

How One Company is Finding Value in Promoted Tweets
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Many businesses have probably been wondering just how much Twitter’s Promoted Tweets could help them if they were given the chance to participate. Promoted Tweets is still in beta, and is still limited to a set of partners. One of those partners, Zecco, has been talking about the success it has had with the program.

Twitter Starts Testing the Promoted Trending Topics

Twitter is testing promoted trending topics as reports last week indicated that they would. If you go to Twitter.com and take a look at the trending topic list, you will probably see one with a yellow box marking it as "Promoted."

New Twitter Links to Play Significant Role in Resonance Algorithm

Twitter has introduced a new, secure link-shortening service called t.co. All links shared on Twitter.com or third-party apps will be wrapped with a t.co URL.

While links might appear something like this: http://t.co/DRo0trj  on SMS, they might appear more based on the domain they are going to on Twitter.com and in third-party apps. So if that link were going to some Amazon page, it might look more like this: amazon.com/Delivering-.

Twitter Decides it Will Be the Only One Offering Ads in the Timeline

Update: Sarah Perez at ReadWriteWeb has a helpful piece up, detailing some of the widespread confusion around this issue, and why things may not be as bad for ad networks as they initially seemed.

Original Article: Twitter announced today that it will not allow any advertising from third parties in its timeline or any service that leverages the Twitter API. The company is updating its terms of service to reflect its new policy.

Twitter Promoted Tweets – Advertising With or Without Them
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Twitter has finally unveiled its business model in the form of "Promoted Tweets". The company refers to this as a "non-traditional" and "easy" strategy that "makes a ton of sense for Twitter." Promoted Tweets are described as ordinary tweets that businesses and organizations want to highlight to a  wider group of users.

Would you pay to promote a tweet? Let us know.

Embeddable Tweets Could Increase Visibility for Twitter and Twitterers
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Update 2: Robin Sloan from Twitter, who created and announced the Blackbird Pie tool to embed tweets is stressing that this is just an experiment, at this point, and that calling it a Twitter feature makes him  "cringe" because he knows "what kind of care goes into real Twitter features."

For the record, I’ve only said that it should be a feature since it was revealed.