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Roku and 3M Release a Streaming Video Box With a Projector

This week, Roku and 3M have teamed up to launch a unique type of streaming video player. The device is what 3M is calling a “Streaming Projector.” It functions as a normal Roku video streaming box, with the requisite Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant, and other streaming services. However, the box also has a built-in projector. The Streaming Projector is “small …

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Sony Shows Off Playstation Move “Virtual Reality”

When Plastic Studios, the developers, along with Sony’s Santa Monica Studio, behind the upcoming PlayStation Network title Datura, was asked by Sony to use Sony’s HMZ-T1 3-D projector headset to make their game more immersive, they took it as a challenge. The company not only used an extra PlayStation Move controller to provide line-of-sight camera movement, they created an entire …

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‘The Hobbit’ to be Released at 48 Frames Per Second

Cinema’s are scrambling to get their equipment up to date ahead of The Hobbit’s December 14 release, The Hollywood Reporter notes. The film is supposed to be released in a high frame rate of 48 frames per second; most theaters are only equipped to run the standard 24 frames per second. Peter Jackson and James Cameron have advocated a change …

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