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AOL, Intel Launch PC-to-TV Programming

AOL and Intel launched an on-demand video service for Intel Viiv-based PCs. The joint effort provides AOL Video’s online library of movies, TV shows, music videos, concerts, and sports videos, viewable on large-screen televisions.

Pay Attention To Developer Traits

Quality code is in the details, and quality details are in the coder, as a blog post about personality traits in software developers illustrates.

AJAX Use Up, Still Outpaced By PHP

A recent survey conducted by Evans Data Corp. shows that the adoption of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) is on the rise, especially in emerging markets.

Australian TV Networks Cripple Media Center

Turns out Australia is one of the only countries in the world where DVR providers, like Windows Media Center, cannot show Electronic Programming Guides to users.

ad:tech Announces New Programming Chair

Well, here’s the first big announcement during ad:tech Chicago, Drew Ianni was appointed Chair, Programming.

Computer Programming As Art

This isn’t about programming the visuals for the next great Pixar release, or even creating ASCII art for signature files, but whether the craft of programming itself can be artistic.

Should I Become a Programmer?

Should I think about becoming a programmer? That’s the lead-in to an article at the Guardian that cites the sector is “approaching meltdown” based on reent analysis.

Search Engines C Demand For Programmers

The need for C/C++ programmers varies among the major search engine companies; Horace Greeley’s advice to go West definitely applies here.

Barnett Embedded C Book Arrives In June

Professor & Associate Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology department head Richard Barnett’s “Embedded C Programming And The Atmel AVR” should be available at the beginning of June.

But is it Programming?

Apple has put out a tutorial introducing programming with Core Data, Xcode and Interface Builder. Even if you’ve never written a line of code in your life – and maybe even especialy if you have not – go take a look at Building a Sample Core Data Application.

C Programming References A Quick List

Whether it is C or C# or C++, somewhere there is a website that can help the vaunted programmer find some useful bit for his or her work.

ColdFusion Job Opportunities Going Inert

For programmers considering a career path, employers seeking Java and .NET skillsets greatly outnumber those who want a ColdFusion programmer or developer.

C Programming Jobs Not Trending Downward
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It’s all over for C. Ruby and Python have replaced C as the programming language of choice for developers who aren’t churning out Visual Basic daily. At least, that’s what the rumor mill suggests.

Declarative Programming – Strategies for Solving Software Problems

Many software and hardware producers take pride in the exponential pace of technology change, but for users and consumers of their products and services the rapid technological obsolescence often means increased costs, frustrations, and unfulfilled promises.

PBS Expanding Online Programming

Responding to the demand for online programming, the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) announced a five-year initiative to be sure Barney, Bert and Ernie are in line with the digital age. The initiative will include a number of new online offerings for preschool and early elementary school kids including a 24-hour multicast service, both launching in Fall 2006. PBS will not change its name to Public Multicasting System for obvious reasons.

DIY PR in a ‘Cheap’ Economy

Putting aside all the recent rhetoric and controversy surrounding Web 2.0 companies, a few facts remain, one of which is this: the costs associated with starting and running a business today are significantly lower than they were a few years ago.

Aspect-Oriented Programming and PHP

Time is passing and the requirements for the developed systems and projects become much more large-scale and complicated.

HLA – The High Level Assembly Programming Language

I’ve noted before that assembly language programming can be quite engrossing. It’s the level of detail that captivates; there can be a great deal of craftmanship and mental challenge in writing assembly programs.

TiVo To Offer Downloadable Programming

For all you TiVo lovers out there, the company has inked a deal with the Independent Film Channel to transmit programs to set-top boxes via broadband Internet connections. Even cooler, subscribers can download shows even before they’re scheduled to air.

Writing and Compiling C programs on Linux

Most Linux and Unix programs are written in C. When you download source for a project, it will often be C or C++ source code. You don’t necessarily need to know a darn thing about C or anything else to compile the source if you aren’t changing it. It may be helpful for you to understand a bit if you are having problems with the compile, but even that isn’t really necessary.

Programming Auto-apply in Accounts Receivable

Microsoft Great Plains is one of three Microsoft Business Solutions mid-market ERP products: Great Plains, Solomon, Navision.