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Progeria Illness Not All Sam Berns Taught Us About

Many people have never heard of a rare genetic condition called Progeria or are even aware of the young lives it claims. Sam Berns became one of those young lives when he passed away on Friday. He was just seventeen years old. Berns was not, even until the end of his short life, fixated on the illness. He and his …

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Sam Berns, 17-Year-Old With Progeria, Dies Friday

Sam Berns, a Massachusetts teen diagnosed with progeria, died Friday evening from complications stemming from his condition, the Progeria Research Foundation announced. Berns was just 17-years-old at the time of his death. but had already touched more lives than many of us ever do, with his consistently sunny and optimistic outlook on life. “All in all, I don’t waste energy …

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Sam Berns: Inspirational Teen Battling Progeria Dies

The Progeria Research Program tells us that Sam Berns, the well-loved boy who helped the world become more aware of Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome, has died this Friday at the age of 17. Sam Berns became an inspiration for many due to his positive perspective about his condition and life in general. In various interviews, his theme was often one of …

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