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How To Find The Right Professional To Value Your Business

At some point most business owners will need to find out how much their business is worth. They will be faced with the task of finding someone to perform a business appraisal or valuation.

Technorati is for PR Professionals

What surprised me was how aggressively Mr Hirshberg was pitching Technorati’s expensive blog tracking services to this audience of agency and corporate communications professionals.

How to Really Get All The Clients You Want, and The Truth Most Service Professionals Don’t Want to Hear

As you are probably well aware, the service profession is evolving more rapidly than ever before. Competition, technology and consumerism are taking huge bites out of your business possibilities.

New Enhanced Version of Google Advertising Professionals Program

The early version of the Google Advertising Professionals program was a start towards recognizing third party consultants, but it was pretty limited.

Alltel Launches BlackBerry For Mobile Professionals

ALLTEL and Research In Motion today announced the availability of the BlackBerry 7250 Wireless Handheld, BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Internet Service.

Google Launches Additional Tools For AdWords Clients

Google has announced the launch of some new AdWords tools designed to assist webmasters and search engine marketers in creating successful ad campaigns. The program, called Google Advertising Professionals, was “designed for professionals who currently manage or want to manage multiple AdWords client accounts, the Google Advertising Professionals program can help you become a more successful ad manager – for free.”

Ziggs.com Launches Online Search for Professionals

Ziggs announces the introduction of a new search platform for finding people in business online at http://www.ziggs.com. Providing the fastest-growing index of current professional profiles on the Web, Ziggs’ innovative website enables users to search from a single source for people in business across more than 1 million professional profiles from nearly 16,000 companies.

SEM Professionals form Search Marketing Association UK
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A working group of search engine marketing professionals in the UK has come together to plan the formulation of a UK based trade association.

Plan4Demand Solutions Supply Chain Professionals start $1.5 Million Projects

Fortune 500 engagements reflect strategic IT spending; Clients seek value through optimization of transportation, warehouse, and end-to-end supply chain operations; CEO Kustra cites hiring trend.

Google Patent Reveals New ReRanking Algorithm

A recently filed Google patent reveals a possible future change in Google’s algorithm. The algorithm-chasers out there engaging in high-risk seo techniques should pay special attention.

The Benefits of EQ Coaching for Mid-Level Executives and Professionals

The majority of CEOs, executives and professionals are left-brained — analytical, linear, and focused. They are good with numbers, and in communication tend to listen to the actual word spoken, word-by-word, missing the nuances, the expressions, the tone of voice, i.e., the “other” 90% of verbal communication.

Internal Search: Unlocking the Search Within

Nacho Hernandez of Mexgrocer.com is excited about the future of search.

5 Steps to Poor Listening: The ordinary professionals guide

The development of non-technical, soft skills represents a significant choice in the career of IT professionals. For those who choose to take the road most traveled, here are a few thoughts on how to ensure poor client and peer relationships, projects that focus on solutions to the wrong problems, and working cross-purposes with your team.


There is absolutely no doubt. Network marketing is now attracting a new type of person. The wave of new style network marketing is having an unprecedented appeal to professional business people.

Six-figure Professionals: and Their Seven Secrets

In my work with hundreds of coaches, consultants, and small business owners, I have found that there are specific actions that have created their success. Here are seven success elements that they use effectively to earn $100,000 plus a year. By focusing on these important elements, you too can grow your business to reach this goal.

Top Ten Pricing Potholes Service Professionals Often Fall Into

These issues have happened to us every now and then. Unfortunately, they are rampant in certain industries, like IT or engineering consulting. These people tend to perform tasks for a price and often end up being traded like sacks of potatoes.

Design Professionals Save You Money

There have been several times in my career that I have been called in to fix or finish out a design project where the client was trying to do a lot of the design work themself. This can be a costly and often time-consuming mistake on the part of the client. In today’s highly charged hospitality and foodservice environment the client/operator needs all the competitive edge he can get. The requirements and design documentation needed to obtain all the permits needed to build or remodel hospitality facilities is staggering.

Web Site Start-up and Promotion Guide For Professionals

The biggest problem I’ve always had promoting my web site is keeping myself focused. After all, what should I be doing? Publishing my own e-zine, placing classified ads, looking for link exchange partners, writing articles… My head is beginning to spin just from trying to list all the promotion strategies available today!