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Professionalism Run Amok

Most of us hold professionalism in high esteem. We consider ourselves professionals of one sort or another. We try to "act professional." But more and more, I am running into professionalism run amok. When professionalism starts to mean that you are the expert and you don’t make any mistakes, I think it’s misguided.

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Site review:

CARFAX ( specializes in selling vehicle history reports on used cars. After spending some time browsing around the site, I’ve identified three major areas in which the site could be improved.

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Professionalism on the Internet: Will it ever REALLY exist?

Everyone seems to be writing articles about professionalism on the Internet lately. And, as much as I hate to conform to “the norm,” I feel compelled to do the same. Only, in THIS article, I’ll be telling it like it is … no holds barred.

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