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These Massachusetts Protesters Will Cuss If They Wanna and Bans Be Damned

Earlier this month, the town of Middleborough, Massachusetts, passed an ordinance declaring public use of cuss words a punishable offense worthy of a $20 fine. As you can imagine, there were people who took issue with this new ordinance and today some disapproving residents (and at least one non-resident) of the anti-profanity measure rallied to voice their opposition in the …

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Town Swears Off Swearing: Watch Your Mouth or Pay the Fine

A town that swears off swearing sounds like a place heavily inspired by director Marco Brambilla’s deeply underrated Sylvester Stallone/Wesley Snipes sci-fi actioner “Demolition Man”. In the film, a citation is automatically issued every time a person utters an inappropriate word, which ultimately becomes a running joke due to Stallone’s inability to curb his swearing. Although it may sound like …

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Facebook Users are Dirty, Foul-Mouthed Heathens

Social Media monitoring service Reppler has just put out some statistics on their blog about the prevalence of profanity on our Facebook walls. And the results probably won’t shock you – people like to say f*ck to their friends on Facebook. Reppler states on their site that they are “designed to keep your social media reputation clean and safe.” They …

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