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Foxconn FLA Audit: Inside Apple Production

It costs Apple $250,000 to join the Fair Labor Association (FLA). ABC News’ Bill Weir was in China for the first ever FLA audit of Apple’s production floor inside Foxconn and it wasn’t surprising what he found. But, before I get into that, I think it’s interesting to mention that Apple had plans to partner with the FLA long before …

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Online Video Is More Than The “Big DVR In The Sky”

The future of online video is bright. A bit of an obvious statement there, but it’s the truth. But, for most it’s not being utilized to it’s full potential. For most, online video is just the “big DVR in the sky“, as CEO of Revision3, Jim Louderback, recently told us. People visit sites like Hulu, CBS,, etc. to play …

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