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Google/AP Deal To Spawn New Product

For many publishers and news providers, being included in the Google News index is a good thing. It’s a traffic driver. For the Associated Press, it’s another matter because AP content is syndicated in publications worldwide. Google has agreed to a licensing agreement with the not-for-profit organization to avoid further legal entanglements.

Updated Jabber Product Improves Messaging

Jabber, Inc. has launched an updated version of its Jabber Extensible Communications Platform (Jabber XCP) in the form of a 5.1 release. Features have been added and compatibility has been improved from the last generation of the software.

Ruby Product Gives Nod To Microsoft

New software called “Ruby In Steel” is set to come out later this year; according to its makers, it will “provide an easy, accessible Ruby coding environment for [Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2005] users.” One version, a “personal edition,” will be free. A “developer edition incorporating more advanced features” will sell for an unknown amount.

Microsoft Unveils New ERP, CRM Product

Microsoft has announced a new enterprise resource planning product, one that CEO Steve Ballmer thinks was both anticipated and unavoidable.

Googles Throwaway Product Strategy
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It was curious last year when Google’s corporate philosophy suddenly had two omissions. The running mantra “Do No Evil” was sidelined, presumably, because the company realized that 800 lb. gorillas required some evil sometimes – success brings war and playing fair is a poor survival strategy. But Google also completely abandoned its other motto: do one thing and do it well.

PHP Pagination with MySQL
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It is extremely common these days to make results display across multiple pages. Some examples are maybe browsing through picture galleries, store products, blog entries, etc.

Market Yourself Like Your #1 Product

Analyze what differentiates you from others in your field. Map out a strategy.

Soffront Releases Updated CRM Product

Soffront Software has released the latest version of its CRM software, logically designated Soffront CRM version 8.6.

LexisNexis Unveils New Version Of CRM Product

LexisNexis Interface Software has revealed their latest CRM software in the form of InterAction 5.5. It should feature improved document linking, internalization, calendar synchronization, and report writing as compared to previous versions.

I Like Companies That Say ‘We Suck’

I like companies and products that have the guts to say “we suck” or something close to it. It’s very un PR.

Bono Endorses Phone, Tries To Cure AIDS

U2 singer Bono is doing his part in the fight against AIDS: he’s endorsing a red phone. Some of the proceeds from this red version of Motorola’s Slimline SLVR model will go to a global fund to fight AIDS and other diseases.

Yahoo Upgrades Search Marketing Product

ClickZ reports Yahoo will today announce a series of upgrades to its Yahoo Search Marketing platform.

Yahoos Free DVR

Last week, Yahoo bought Meebio, makers of well-regarded media center / DVR software.

Marketing Research: Know Your Customers

Having a competitive advantage over other businesses targeting the same market as yours is a basic, survival must:

Consider Product Life Cycle & Customer Buying Habits

When you create advertising for small businesses, consider both the life cycle of your product or service along with customer buying habits.

Windows Live Product Search Coming

LiveSide reports that Windows Live Product Search is in development. Much like Froogle, WLPS would have price comparisons, and add Windows Live staples like detail sliders to hide/show metadata.

Google Video Kills Autoplay

Google Video has turned off automatic continuous playback, responding to complaints from customers, including my own rabbi/lesbian example.

Microsoft Virtually Supporting Linux

The Windows maker announced at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo it would make the Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 available at no charge to customers.

Consulting Firms: Should You Be a Product Reseller?

In this article, we’ll explore the two schools of thought on whether computer consulting firms should resell products.

Have You Seen What Is Being Drop Shipped To Your Customers Lately?

Do you remember the last time you bought a product and you were unhappy with the quality of the product?

How To Communicate Value Proposition and ROI

As part of my continuing series on Value and Pricing, the following article shows you how to position your company’s value contribution to support the highest value-for-value exchange.