Product Articles

Google Radio Ad Product Identical To Voices.com?

Google’s new radio ad product is just under beta testing and David Ciccarelli, CEO at Voices.com is crying foul at the new product.

Cheapskates the Best Early Customers for Startups?

So, do cheapskates make the best early customers for a startup. In a word: No.

Focusing on Customers: People and Value

Some may be thinking that simply creating any product, setting up a website and starting selling will bring them lots of money and make their accountants smile from ear to ear.

Google To Check Out On Cyber Monday

Now that we’re over last year’s holiday marketing trickeryCyber Monday my big toe!it’s time to accept what the marketing gods have lain before us, and make the most of it. Google is leading the charge this year, aggressively pushing its new Google Checkout product with Cyber Monday special promotions.

Webcasting As Advertising

ON24 announced a new product offering this week. It’s called Bannercast Live, and the concept in a nutshell gives users the ability to paste a live webcast directly into a website banner advertisement.

OSS Is Changing The Game

Zack, the three examples you give appear to me as signs that OSS is under attack by vendors who don’t gork the value of an open community & the customer value delivered. Yep, even the MSFT deal with Zend.

Windows Live Product Upload

Looks like Windows Live Product Upload has silently launched into beta, shame you need to pre-register to access the beta though, check it out: http://productupload.live.com/

eCommerce: I Second That Emotional Connection

“We are much more emotionally attached to products for which we feel some involvement. So true personalization and customization makes a real difference.” – Donald Norman (author)

Product Red: A Gateway for Merchandising

Hitwise will announce in an upcoming press release that for the week ending October 14, over 66% of users who accessed the Join RED website continued on to visit the campaign’s merchandising partners. The Product RED campaign raises money to support the Global Fund to fight AIDS.

What to Look For When Buying Resell Rights Products

There are 2 types of resale rights category – the low end and high end resale products.

Prime Your Customer List for a New Product

Are you going to introduce a new product or service to the market place? Do you want to know how to introduce this new product or service to your well established customer list?

Sprint’s Botched Blogger Product Review

When Sprint sent an LG Fusic phone to a blogger in hopes he would write about it and Sprint’s new Power Vision Network, they may have understood the slight possibility he would write a negative review. But they probably didn’t expect 3,100 words (seven pages) about how much he hated both.

Wize Brings Collective Wisdom to Product Research

One of the most frustrating things people encounter with search engines is doing product research.

The Art of the Unlaunch

Man, product development cycles are brutal these days, they’re so long and so iterative, it presents some significant PR challenges….

Max Mixes Photos and RSS

Another entrant into the RSS reader market, from Microsoft – Microsoft Max.

Putting A Face On Consumer Product Reviews

Web 2.0 is an honor system where everyone expects the crowd to be noble and then becomes angry at the reality of honor systems. Anonymity is a ski mask for drive-by commentators. Though a rude blog comment is often nothing more than cursing behind the windshield, when the road-raged driver becomes a crusader outside your storefront, it’s serious.

The Evolving Four Ps Of Marketing

I’m sure you remember sitting in your marketing class in college when your instructor blurted something about the Four P’s of Marketing. If you weren’t paying attention or perhaps missed class that day, here is a quick review.

Product Placement: The Difference A Year Makes

On August 18, 2005, I wrote about how I had seen some extreme Microsoft product placement in The Island, a Michael Bay movie starring Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson.

Product Planning and Apple Stores

I just had an evil thought. In every Apple store there’s several computers setup where you can get on the Internet, play around, basically do everything you want.

Zune: Really A Toshiba Product

In what comes as no surprise to anyone who looked closely, the much-hyped Microsoft Zune portable media device is pretty much a Toshiba Gigabeat S with added Wifi, a new OS, and different buttons.

What Would You Call Atlas?

Brad Abrams says Microsoft will be renaming Atlas, it’s AJAX coding framework, before it ships, and that Microsoft is listening to what the community thinks the name should be.