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The Marketing Tactic That Gets 5 Stars

Quick: Which online marketing technique, according to Foresee Results, is used by 72 percent of the top Internet retailers and is the most influential factor in purchase for 39% of all buyers? The answer is customer ratings and reviews.

So why aren’t you using them on your site?

Ask Documents Earthquake, Death Of Google Pen
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Ask.com is based in Oakland, California, and as many people know, the region experienced a minor earthquake late last week. For Ask, this was an opportunity to plug its Earthquake Search. The Ask.com team also took a moment to note one casualty: a Google pen.

Product (RED): Smart Social Marketing?

In a great post over at PSFK – Piers publishes the content of a conversation he had with Julie Cordua, the VP of Marketing for the often talked about Product (RED) social marketing campaign.  

Honesty and Business Success
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If you are lucky, your parents have taught you to always be honest with people. Or you want to do that on your own. Nowadays, being honest in business will always mean that you will get better business in the long run.

Why be honest?

In business, being honest means that you will inform anyone you are communicating of an objective, true state of things about you. This will not only set the right level of expectations with the other person (hopefully), but will consequently make it clear for you, whether the person is ready to do business with you.

Manufacturers and Product Reviews

Last year I talked about the Three R’s of Web Marketing, to be real, relevant, and responsive. But the truth is that being real is challenging. Let’s take a real-life example—do you expect product manufacturers to post product reviews?

We’ve all seen customer-posted product ratings and reviews on retail Web sites. Amazon’s got ’em. Shopping comparison engines do, too. And customers love to read them.

Better Product or Better Brand?

As I was surfing the web I stumbled upon an article talking about branding. What it said was very true about branding;

“If you just build a better product, eventually some other company is going to build a better product than yours, and your stock will fall like Motorola’s did. If you build a better brand, it doesn’t matter whether somebody else builds a better product or not. A better brand has the perception of being a “better product.”

Large Networks Add New Editorial Content Formats

Many top destination sites are adding blogs and other publishing formats to their site to build their authority and market-share. This editorial content creates value, builds trust and authority, and allows for a more profitable blend of content and advertisements.

Tips for Creating an Effective Product Newsletter
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I’ve been working for a software developer company for about 5 years. We regularly send the letters about new program releases and upgrades to our customers and different newsletters to those people who subscribed to our mailing list.

Copy Writers: See Yourself As the Product

When I teach my copywriters and other coaching students how to package themselves, I use a specific formula to get them from “ground zero” to a “complete package.”

Want Offline Sales? Place Product Info Online

Brick-and-mortar commerce has a powerful ally in the Internet, as many people research a potential purchase online first before heading to a local business to buy.

Open Source and Career Opportunities
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Matt Asay has some good advice for folks asking him for career advice: “Work for an open source company.”

A Yahoo-ized Google Homepage

eWeek’s Steve Bryant wondered what Google’s homepage would look like if it looked more like Yahoo’s. The purists look at him like they’re smelling onions, but others look at it and think it’s not such a bad idea.

iPhone Has An iTwin, Made By LG

It didn’t take Cisco long to slap Apple for a severe case of hubris in launching a product with the same name as a Cisco product. It also didn’t take Engadget long to notice that Apple’s version looks strikingly similar to an LG phone that recently won the International Forum Design Product Design Award for 2007.

Structuring Your Website

Though you could read about the overall process of creating natural websites and integrating all aspects of web design, SEO, usability and accessibility in the process before, some more information about structuring your website may be useful as well.

Integrating w/ (Future) Competition

Alex Fletcher has a nice list of hypothetical new year’s resolutions for the open source community.

Improving eCommerce Product Findability

On both ecommerce and shopping comparison sites, users can find products in two different ways: searching and browsing.

Apple Unleashes Product Too Good To Be True

Anyone who regularly reads this blog knows me to be a big fan of Microsoft, but even I’m not stupid enough to say that Apple didn’t drop a bombshell today.

Vital Keys To Writing A Sales Letter

Effective sales letter writing skills are imperative for the web business owner or entrepreneur.

Google Blog Search Passes Technorati

Google’s Blog Search engine, which is an adult in Internet years, surpassed Technorati in market share of visits last week, according to Hitwise’s LeeAnn Prescott. The surge in traffic began in October, when Google placed a link to its blog search engine on Google News.

The Balance Between Short and Long copy

While you may have read about creating quality information for your websites and how to write it, you may also be interested in know how much to write about your products, services, sales copy, etc.

New Google Product Is Patently Useful

The minds at Google have taken the less-than-intuitive search process for finding patents in the USPTO database and made it as easy as their signature search service.

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