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Product Information? Search Comes First

Visitors to one’s online retail website have a great likelihood of starting from a page of search results, as shown by last holiday season’s activity.

Hey Google, Where’s The AP Product?

A license to link to Associated Press content last August still hasn’t yielded any further developments from Google. Some say this could indicate Google was shaken down for a payoff.

Metacafe Launches User Channels
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Online video site Metacafe has launched users channels for video producers and fans to create, update and promote their own entertainment channels.

Revver Launches New Ad Model
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Revver, an online video sharing service, said today it will make impression-based advertising products available to advertisers and content owners this month.

Doing Product Demo 2.0

How many of you sell products that require salespeople to visit customers to provide a demonstration? If that sounds like your company, you’ve probably written off the Internet for that. Perhaps you use the Web to explain your product and to have prospects contact you, but you still need to to send that sales rep to the demo. Until now. Check out how some companies are doing Product Demo 2.0.

Testimonials, Endorsements & Product Claims
MarketingSherpa.com presented an excellent article on June 26 that I highly recommend every marketer reads. You can read it for free until July 3rd by visiting http://www.marketingsherpa.com/article.php?ident=30024 after July 3rd you have to visit Marketing Sherpa.com and pay for closed access.

Online Product Information Important To Shoppers
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Being able to research products online is important to retail shoppers. Ninety-one percent of online shoppers said it was "important" or "very important" for retailers to offer in- depth product information online according to WebCollage’s 2007 "Survey of Online Consumer Product Research Habits."

Adobe Spins Up LiveCycle ES
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The financial and government sectors drove plenty of the work performed in preparing LiveCycle ES for its debut in the enterprise market.

StumbleUpon Stumbles Into eBay For $75 Million

The heavily-rumored acquisition of social sharing site StumbleUpon by eBay finally came to fruition, with eBay shelling out “an aggregate transaction value of approximately $75 million” for the site.

New Version of FeedDemon Released

FeedDemon is the Windows desktop RSS application I’ve been using for the past few years.

And for the past few months, I’ve been testing the various betas of the upcoming new version 2.5.

Google Tops PC World Product List

their top products of 2007 list, and as usual it only covers the first few months of 2007. Still, Google should be quite happy, as it took the #1 spot with Google Apps Premier Edition, with PC World basically saying that Google’s $50/year docs/spreadsheet/calendar/email/IM software being the best product right now. In the entire world.

Conclusions? Draw them.

Mobile Search: Speaking Truth to Profits
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Millions of handsets rest in pockets and purses around the world, and they represent little foldable parts of a multi-billion dollar pie for the search engine market.

Adobe Illustrator: The Latest

Adobe Illustrator is one of the hardest applications I ever taught myself. Why? Cause you create imagery by manipulating little wires.

Googler on Flash vs SVG and VML

In Seeking Alpha’s ongoing Q&A with the Google Finance product manager, my question was:

Google Finance is one of the rather rare Google apps which makes use of Flash. I’m curious, at Google what considerations go into deciding whether to go for Flash or DHTML/ Ajax/ browser vector languages like SVG?

Froogle Shops For A Frugal Experience

Google has rebranded their moribund shopping engine from Froogle to Google Product Search, and changed its look to match other Google pages.

Google Earth Adds Hiking Trails, GPS Data
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The sun is setting, you’re surrounded by trees, and you just heard a noise that sounded like Jabba the Hut’s rancor monster.  Never fear – Google and Trimble will get you home.  Thanks to a new GPS content layer, they’ll also get you “a wide variety of multimedia data on fitness and outdoor adventures, including routes, points of interest, pictures, video and audio.”

More AdWords Testing
So, Google has been testing a yellow background for top spots in Adwords and search product options just above paid adverts of late. This evening I noticed an interesting mix of the two, as captured below.

Google’s Multi-Variate Testing Product Open to All
I’d really wanted to spend more time looking at the full launch of Google Optimizer (announced last October), but sadly have been tied-up with clients this week.

Marketing Your Product Backstory

Several weeks ago, I noted an interesting story about how Dole is offering "farm codes" printed onto stickers that are placed on organic bananas offering consumers the chance to get to know more about the farm that grew the banana by visiting www.doleorganic.com.

Homme-Rock.com – SEO Review

Well I’ve been busy for a few weeks so haven’t had a chance to post much lately and on top of this I’ve had three submissions for SEO reviews over the past couple of weeks (yeh, posted back in December and no response and now there’s three of em in a short period – typical! :) ).

Yahoo’s All-In-One Mobile Product
I noticed this week that at some point Yahoo released a version of its Yahoo Go for Mobile 2.0 that works on my wife’s T-Mobile SDA phone (a version for my MDA is forthcoming, they tell me). Naturally, I downloaded it and checked it out, and I like what I see. First impressions:

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