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Powerball Ticket Worth $16 Million Expires Tonight

On May 25th, an unknown person or persons bought a Powerball ticket in Tampa Bay, Florida at Carollwood Market. The numbers of the ticket were: 2, 6, 19, 21, 27, Powerball number 25. That ticket wound up being a $16 …

Spider-Man Handing Out Prizes in London Tomorrow

The video game tie-in for “The Amazing Spider Man” movie launched earlier this week in the U.S., but the British are just now getting their hands on the title. To celebrate the release, Activision and GAME have teamed up to …

Adobe Contest Looking For #1 Photoshop Fan

#1 Photoshop Fan from Adobe Next Photoshop Evangelist on Vimeo.

Benefits Of Offering Contests and Prizes On Twitter

A few weeks ago I made the mistake of wondering aloud when someone would start offering cash prizes for twitter followers. I had seen people offering physical prizes before, but never cash. A few random people decided to have some fun with me and start saying I was offering cash, so I just decided to run with it.Since this wasn’t a planned event I don’t have the exact numbers but you can see from the graph below I gained about 300 followers