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Privacy Group Accuses Google Of “Criminal Act”

According to Privacy International, the whole Street View/WiFi data mess wasn’t caused by someone accidentally copying and pasting the wrong code.  Neither was a single rogue engineer to blame.  Privacy International, a nonprofit organization that’s been around since 1990, instead asserted today that Google demonstrated "criminal intent."

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Google Reduces Data Retention Policy To 18 Months

Google’s Global Privacy Counsel Peter Fleischer appears to be a master of textual undercurrents (what the reader understands as "between the lines"), responding to Privacy International’s recent condemnation of the company’s privacy policies without mentioning the group itself.

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Privacy Group Slaps Google, Fans Slap Back

The blogosphere erupted over the weekend after Privacy International released a scathing (damning) report declaring Google the worst of the bunch at protecting privacy – well, they used words like "ambivalent" and even "hostile." But critics inside and outside of Google are calling the report unfair and poorly researched.

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