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Publishers Put Google Out Of Print

Continued complaints from the publishing industry via its trade association have brought a pause to the Google Print Project.

Recall Ability: Web Content Versus Print Content

People are extremely task-focused on the Web. That means they are much less open to content that is not directly related to the task at hand.

Publishing Group Asks Google To Stop Digitizing Books

Another group is not satisfied with Google’s effort to digitize books for their Google Print for Libraries and has joined in the voices asking them to cease these activities.

Google Print For Libraries Proves Challenging

Details, details-such is the Achilles’ Hell of the visionary temperament. When Google put forth a massive online literary digitization effort, the scholar, the literati, the purist self-educator, the mousey, bucked-toothed, four-eyed little girl in all of us cheered the soon-to-be nearer reach of all those words. But visions, especially the grandiose, face the speed bumps, the hurdles, of real world logic-or worse, lawyers.

Why Print is Important for Web Sites & Ecommerce

Don’t miss out on opportunities that your ecommerce store or website will provide.

Google Print Draws The Ire Of Protesters

Since the announcement of Google’s foray into the printed word industry, Google Print has been followed by controversy. Because of the methods being used to populate the Google Print index, many are worried about copyright issues as well as the ability to view pages in the GP result pages.

Google Print Finds a Home

Our previous article, What the Heck is Google Print?, explained what Google Print is and how to use it. At that time, you had to search for books among everything else from within the regular Google Search interface.

Googles A Librarian? You Betcha! Google Print Goes Live

Google Print Beta goes live today furthering Google’s attempt at their goal of organizing the world’s information on the Internet. Problems may exist however with copyright problems and culture wars abroad and whatever happened to Gutenberg?

Google Print Meets European Print

Cultural concerns in Europe over Google’s plan to put several well-known libraries online trigger a rival effort.

What the Heck is Google Print?

Here’s another Google service with which many people are not familiar: Google Print. Huh? What is that?

Replacing a Spreadsheet

Spreadsheets can be powerful tools, and particularly so in the hands of an expert user. A spreadsheet can be used to reorganize data and to extract information not otherwise available. For example, at a client site, an application report generates a listing of hourly billing, but can’t give the cross-reference totals desired.

New UK Computer Magazine Publishes Only Online

Could this could be the new model of what the technology press should be doing – publishing only online, not in print …

New Library Archive to Challenge Google Print

According to IWR, ten major international libraries have agreed to combine their digitised book collections into a free text-based archive hosted online by the not-for-profit Internet Archive.

Google Print: A New Era For The Search Engine

While some may wonder what the next step for the search engine industry to take, Google may have already answered that question. Ever evolving, Google has their eyes set on the future with news of their newest innovation, Google Print. Not only will the search engine’s newest entity allow room for an exponential amount of growth, Google’s written word department may also open new avenues for search engine marketers to pursue.

Google To Scan Millions of Library Books

Google announced yesterday that they have agreements with several large libraries to scan books whose copyrights have expired.

Google Works with Libraries to Expand Print Program

The Libraries of Harvard, Stanford, the University of Michigan, the University of Oxford, and The New York Public Library Join with Google to Digitally Scan Library Books and Make Them Searchable Online.

10 Ways To Improve Your Print Ads

1) Include a coupon in your large ads. This can increase response from 25 to 100 percent. Your coupon could offer the prospect your brochure or catalog.

Consumers Beware – The Profits Are In The Fine Print

“Fees From Riskiest Card Holders Fuel Profits – Late Payers and Big Borrowers Are Becoming Cash Cows as Rates Balloon” … the headlines read in a recent article featured on America Online from the Wall Street Journal’s Mitchell Pacelle. The article outlined how banks are squeezing more revenue from consumers and more often from the ones who can least afford it.

How To Get Slightly Famous in Print

Early in my career, I wrote an article for a small business magazine about self-publishing as a marketing tool for businesses. Because I specialize in helping businesses get into print, the article only took a few hours to write. A few months later it was published. Almost immediately, my phone began to ring and my email box filled up with inquires.

Print On Demand – A Definition and a Comparison
· 5

The purpose of this article is to consider Print-On-Demand publishing as an alternative for the aspiring author. It has its strengths and its weaknesses. You may wonder as you begin reading this, but in the end I’m going to say some good things about it.

Why Writing for the Web is Different than in Print

As you sit down and start thinking how you are going to write the content for your new website, or if you are contemplating a complete redesign of your existing site, there are a number of important things you need to know, before you even start writing.