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Google Print Continues Amid Controversy
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Google will resume scanning in-copyright works today at partner libraries as part of its Google Print for Libraries program. The project was temporarily suspended after author and publisher outrage over potential copyright infringement so the search company could negotiate the terms.

Yahoo Finance Rings Up Print Content

Editors from the publication The Week’ will produce exclusive content for the Yahoo! Finance site, and will be another original content addition for the portal.

Google Print Scanning Returns Tuesday

The moratorium Google announced to allow publishers time to discuss the project ends November 1, and the search engine company plans to resume book scanning as scheduled.

Schmidt Defends Google Print

Google is currently embroiled in a bitter battle with publishers over their Google Print entity. A lawsuit filed last week by the Author’s Guild and the Association of American Publishers (AAP) challenged Google over their Print plans. During a speech in Tokyo, Google CEO Eric Schmidt called the lawsuit a “routine part of doing business.”

Schmidt, Brin Discuss Google Print

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt told an audience in Tokyo that litigation is just part of American life.

Congressional Hearing For Google Print?

Google’s list of allies in support of its massive Google Print for Libraries project is getting shorter by the day. Yesterday, the century-old National Consumers League sent a letter to Congress urging the government body to set up public hearings on the matter.

German Publishers Fight Google Print

As publisher and author conflicts with Google heat up on the legal front over Google Print, publishers in Germany plan to avoid the problem by starting their own network.

Controversial Google Print Scanning Europe

The search engine company has begun scanning books in eight European countries and will digitize books in their local languages.

Publisher Group Drops Google Print

The latest rough patch in Google’s problematic Print For Libraries project arises as Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group (RPLG) is reported to be withdrawing from Google’s Print for Publishers program in protest of the digital library project.

Online Advertising a Threat to Print Advertising?

Outsell’s Market View report, released last week, revealed that B-to-B readers are spending 15 percent less on print news and trade journals than they did in 2001, possibly as a result of competition from online advertising sources such as Yahoo, Inc. and Google, Inc.

Google Responds To Authors Guild Lawsuit

As Google Print gets another legal challenge, the search engine responded via the company blog to explain its position.

Google Print Has Legal Support
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Though copyright law predates the Internet, case law has been established regarding the indexing of copyrighted material, and it has come out in favor of the indexer. Publishers who have issues with Google’s Print for Libraries project may end up with little more than hurt feelings.

Google, Yahoo Crushing Print Ad Revenue

The migration from print to online for news and business information has pushed down the money made from print ads.

The Blogitorial: The Print/Online Hybrid

At the turn of the 20th century, citizen journalism (then referred to as a letter to the editor) was considered an innovative and progressive idea. Giving the reader a voice in the news was unheard of at that point. Fast-forward a hundred years (give or take), and take note of the web log, the brave and testy incarnation of a new millennium.

Google Print Probably Legal
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Copyright practice isn’t copyright law, and the latter seems to be on Google’s side even though publisher interests claim otherwise.

QOOP Taking Flickr, Buzznet To Press

John Battelle’s favorite web-to-print company has made a deal to produce photo books from albums on Flickr and Buzznet.

Google Print Extends, Embraces European Books

Google has extended its controversial book scanning and indexing program to non-English language works.

First Print Ads, Then The Google Wallet

Google’s actions as the middleman between advertisers and publishers have yielded a fresh batch of Wallet rumors.

Google Printing Money With Print Ads

Advertisers have been chasing their audiences from traditional media to the online world; Google has passed them going in the other direction.

Google Takes A Break From Print

The highly-criticized Google Print Library project has been put on hold until Novemeber. Google will use this break to find out which copyright holders don’t want their property included in the project.

Publishers Have A Problem With Google’s Method

Google is taking a break from its Google Print Library project until November. Google will use this time to try and figure out which books’ copyright holders want their property included in the project.