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CoffeeCup Drinks Print Ads On Google’s Tab

The search advertising company’s attempt at auctioning off space in a number of magazines largely failed to deliver significant returns to Google.

Papers Need Eyeballs To Survive

For every print subscriber who decides to cancel a subscription and get news from the Internet, newspapers will need from 20 to 100 online readers to replace that subscription.

Google’s Second Big Print Buying Test

Google has some obstacles to overcome before it can convince more than a handful of Adwords advertisers that print is a medium worth investing in, even if pages are purchased at a steep discount.

Google Extends Print Ads Program

Google’s Inside AdWords blog says that Google has extended the deadline for submitting ads for its print advertising program four days to February 24.

Google Bites Print Ads, Base, And AdWords

A quick summary of the latest and greatest in news from Google, which seems to be having issues selling print advertising, filling up Google Base, and fixing AdWords API version 3.

Big Problem with Google Adwords in Print

ClickZ has details of Google’s efforts to bring an AdWords-style process to print ads.

Google Auctioning Print Ads

The search advertising company has expanded its magazine ad test to a broader number of magazines in three of its vertical markets. Google’s test of magazine ads began last summer, and involved two computer-oriented publications.

Google Unveils Print Ad Program

Google has opened up its AdWords print ad program to all AdWords publishers, beginning the first auction of adspace in 28 magazines.

The Edelman & Holmes PR Action Figures

Richard Edelman’s and Paul Holmes’ discussion of the payola scandal are must reads.

A Podcast Magazine?

Kris Smith and Todd Andrlik have launched, believe or not, a bi-monthly print magazine dedicated to podcasting called ID3.

Maybe Neville Will Read This Print Newspaper

Neville Hobson, popular PR blogger and my co-host on For Immediate Release, has pretty much given up on print.

Font Tips For Print

The fonts used in a publication affect not only its appearance, but also its commercial printing cost.

Print Media Sobs Bitterly About Bloggers

A Tucson Weekly columnist put forth the half-joking suggestion that real journalists should take a year off and give bloggers nothing to borrow, as I’m doing here.

Print Is The New WebZine

If Google can take its online model back to print, where media advertising started, there’s no reason online publishers can’t take their works and make them available in print too.

USA Today Links Web, Print Newsrooms

Online and print news operations will be combined to embrace and extend USA Today’s work to a single 24-hour newsroom.

Yahoo’s Hot Zone Getting Print Deal

The war correspondent reporting effort “Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone” will be syndicated for print by Scripps Howard.

Name Change For Google Print

Feeling that the name would cause confusion, the folks in charge of the Google Print program have changed the name of the program to Google Book Search.

Google Breeding Skynet With Print Project

File this under either Really Bizarre or Warnings We Ignored, depending on whether or not Google’s plan to scan millions of books will instead give rise to an artificial intelligence.

Google Publication Ads Available For Print

The pilot phase of Google’s Publication Ads component of AdWords has debuted online and is available currently by invitation only.

Google Print Troubles UK Childrens Hospital

The latest controversy surrounding Google’s ambitious Print for Libraries project, where the aim is digitize and make available online all works of literature, comes after a heart-string tugging plea from a British hospital for terminally-ill children that receives much of its revenue from its copyright of Peter Pan.

Google Print Goes Public

After resuming their controversial book scanning of five major libraries on Tuesday, Google has announced that a number of public domain books (books out of copyright) are now available for browsing online.