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Print Is Not Dead, Darwin Says So

The market can only take so much and there will always be specific niches to fill. That being said, let’s also remember that geeks have been declaring the death of print since at least 1984.

Extra, Extra, Google Expands Print Ads

Google will attempt to breathe life into the dying newspaper world as it expands a Print Ads initiative to more than 15^2 newspapers.

Google Expands Print Ads
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Google said today it would expand its Google Print Ads advertising initiative. The program launched in November 2006 with a test of 50 newspapers and a small group of advertisers.

Facebook f8? Read The Fine Print
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The terms and conditions of Facebook’s new f8 development platform may give its targeted developer audience pause before firing up the IDE and getting to work.

Yahoo Checks Out PayPal For Payments
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Yahoo and eBay announced the Yahoo PayPal Checkout Program, which users of Yahoo Search will encounter as little blue shopping cart icons in the search results.

UK Net Advertising Surpasses Print

Internet advertising is a big business in the UK, and according to a new report, it’s reached record proportions.  Over 2 billion pounds – that’s about $3.95 billion – was spent in 2006, which represents a 41% increase over the previous year’s figures.  Even more important is the fact that only $3.73 billion was spent on newspaper advertising.

10 Reasons Print’s Not Dead

A couple of print publications struggle within their field and suddenly the blogosphere is singing the dirge for newspapers. But I think it’s too soon to for the tree population to start celebrating the death of an institution.

Print Isn’t Dead Just Because Bloggers Say So
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Upon news that 30-year-old magazine InfoWorld was shutting down its print operations and moving online, and that the San Francisco Chronicle is also in trouble, a debate is raging in the blogosphere. The general consensus near Silicon Valley: print is dead.

Google Chalks Up Victories In Print, Radio

A lot of Google’s products and services die quiet deaths in dark corners, but on the other hand, there are times when the company seems to have a Midas touch.  New reports indicate an appropriately golden future for Google’s newspaper and radio ads.

Hearst and Microsoft Make Print Digital

Newspaper giant Hearst Corporation unveiled its News Reader software, a product born of a partnership with Microsoft. News Reader software debuted in beta at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer as a downloadable application, allowing an on-screen view of Hearst newspapers.

The news comes in the wake of growing concern for the future of print media as online content becomes more prevalent and preferred.

George B. Irish, president of Hearst Newspapers, and Kenneth A. Bronfin, president of Hearst Interactive Media.

Print Books and Contextual Advertising

A little off topic, but it’s still interesting to note that book authors are starting to learn a trick or two from marketers. The WP looks at a new book that includes a contextual ad for Lexus

Newspapers Looking to Tighten Print & Web Ties

The lines that separate print and online journalism are becoming ever blurred as we move into a new year. Old media has been hesitant to embrace the Internet as a new frontier of information, but it appears at least one major newspaper is looking to create a holistic, three-dimensional reading experience for its subscribers.

Google Trying Print Ads

Just because Google’s initial effort to bring its bidding platform to print ads failed, doesn’t mean the company is giving up.

Google And Print Advertising?

In newspaper boardrooms across the United States, the news that Google wants to get into the print advertising business is probably causing a mix of emotions – a combination of those old favourites, fear and greed.

Google To Sell Ads In Print Media

Google has plans to test the concept of selling print ads in 50 major newspapers. Some of the companies involved in the 3-month test are Gannett, The Tribune Company, The New York Times Company and The Washington Post Company.

Usability Rant of the Day: Print this Page

In the past two days I tried unsuccessfully to invoke the “print this page” function on articles I read online.

MySpace Ponders Print

When in doubt about proper market exposure, flood it. Looking for every possible way to profit from the purchase of MySpace.com, News Corp., like a good business, is mulling over the profitability of a MySpace magazine aimed at the new generation of hipsters.

Hail And Farewell, Print Media

Old Media is in its final throes, as a New Media carillon tolls dismally in the distance, and the potential mourners are too busy with their mobiles to care about the inescapable grip of entropy upon the dying body politic of the newspaper industry.

Amazon To Do Print On Demand

Ahead of next week’s annual shareholder meeting, Amazon disclosed a print-on-demand program it will run with its BookSurge subsidiary.

Race Conditions

A “race condition” is a circumstance where you have two things that really need to happen sequentially, but don’t.

Google Print Ads A Failure

Lots of articles recently about how Google’s print advertising program, where the Goog buys up ad space in magazines and parcels out portions of it to high bidders, didn’t attract the interest Google was hoping for.