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Newspapers Finally Get Some Good News

It seems that the only time we write about newspapers these day is to gannett-logowrite another obituary or speculate on which newspaper is on its last legs

Newspapers Are A Dying Breed, Will You Miss Them?

I don’t read the Raleigh News & Observer during the week, but I do enjoy reading it at the weekend. There’s something relaxing and familiar about reading printed news with my coffee and breakfast. As much as I enjoy the experience, I’ve noticed that more and more ads are filling up the pages–with less articles, and in some cases, complete sections being retired.

‘Print Is Dead’ – Not According To This Study

Last week was a rough one for the newspaper industry.

Yahoo Not Doing Too Bad in Newspapers
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Yahoo AptGoogle recently announced that it would be shutting down its print advertising business after announcing the pulling of the plug on a number of other services last week.

Google Adds Magazines to Book Search
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Google’s quest to organize all the world’s information has taken another step forward today with the announcement that magazines are now appearing in Google Book Search. In time, these results will also become part of regular Google searches.

PC Magazine Says Goodbye To Print

Since PC Magazine is for the tech crowd the announcement that the publication (can’t call it a magazine anymore I guess) would cease printing a hard copy and be a strictly online operation isn’t a surprise.

PC Magazine Abandons Print, Moves Online

Following in the footsteps of other publishers, Ziff Davis said today it will drop the print edition of its popular PCMag and will focus on its online property PCMag.com.

Electronic Newspaper Reader Debuts
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Plastic LogicPlastic Logic has launched a new electronic newspaper reader similar to Amazon’s Kindle, but it’s about the size of a regular piece of copy paper. Like the Kindle, this reader utilizes E-Ink’s black and white display technology.

Eric Schmidt Discusses Need To Help Newspapers

Should the death of print ever occur, Google doesn’t want to be stuck holding the murder weapon.  Eric Schmidt has stated that "it’s a huge moral imperative to help here" in reference to the newspaper industry.

2007 Kind To Newspapers’ Sites

It’s odd enough that reports about 2007 are still trickling in; there’s a special touch of irony since this late-breaking stuff concerns the news industry.  Still, timing aside, it’s nice to report that newspapers’ websites received more views than ever before.

Google Negotiating with Newspaper Publishers

Google already commands the market of Internet advertising, but now the search giant’s appetite seems to be getting bigger by the day. Google’s holding negotiations with several newspaper publishers and cooking up a deal to allow its online advertisers to purchase print space in the newspapers.

This move has been a cause for anxiety for many competing media companies such as ITV, who’s chairman Michael Grade has been lobbying to reign in the big giant.

Google Expanding Print Ads To Britain

Google’s AdWords clients across the big pond will have the chance to bid on placement in newspapers.

BusinessWeek Loses Twelve In “Transformation”

Given both the state of the U.S. economy and the time of the year, “reorganization” is a euphemism that we’re seeing more and more.  BusinessWeek started things off with a slightly different term – “transformation” – but it is nonetheless laying off 12 employees.

Print Ads Down, Online Counterparts Up

Give another point to the “print is dying” crowd; new numbers reveal that, in the third quarter of 2007, online newspaper advertising grew and the traditional type dropped.

Google Way Too Fascinated With Old Media
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Television, radio, newspapers, telephony, and now magazines may vie for Google’s attention. Did multi-billion dollar search ads become boring?

Print vs. Online: Apples & Apples

I’m a big fan of print and a believer that old channels like print can adapt nicely when new channels come along. It follows that I’m usually pleased to see studies that reinforce the value of print. The new study from the Poynter Institute, however, doesn’t do much for me.

Print Media Online Ad Spend To Hit $537 Million

U.S. newspaper and magazine publishers will spend almost $537 million this year to advertise their print and online brands, according to a new report from eMarketer,"Newspapers and Magazine Online: Content Is Still King."

Google Print Ads Gets First Spanish Publication

As good as Google is about translating its products into other languages, I was surprised to learn that, as of Sunday, there were no Spanish-language publications involved in the Google Print Ads program.  But as of Monday, there was one: Hoy.

Segmentation in Google Analytics for WordPress Readers

One of the things I’ve been wanting to do for a while seems to be finally nearing completion. Google Analytics allows you to segment users into custom segments, and there’s one segment I’ve been aching for.

Google Tools Around With Print Ads
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The company unveiled a new tool to assist its AdWords advertisers in creating ads destined for the world of newsprint.

Search Rules Advertising As Media Diversifies
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Search and word-of-mouth are by far still the most effective means of advertising and driving website traffic, according to a new survey, but it may not be time to sing the dirge for print just yet.