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Rupert Murdoch Predicts the Demise of Print Media

Rupert Murdoc has predicted that there will be no newspapers in ten years time, saying internet competition and government overregulation will lead to its demise, The Gaurdian is reporting. Murdoch, News Corps chairman and chief executive begged Lord Justice Leveson for “some care” in his decision for the future of press regulation in the UK. The inquiry comes after News …

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People Ditching Print Media, Spending More Time On Phones, Internet

According to research firm eMarketer, it has finally happened. U.S. Adults are officially spending more time on their smartphones than they are reading newspapers and magazines combined. This year’s figures show that the average adult is spending an hour and five minutes on their mobile device, but only 26 minutes reading a newspaper and an even less amount of time …

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The New Yorker Promotes Facebook Only Content

One of the biggest, if not the most important issue in journalism right now is the transition into the digital age.  Venerable print news outlets are struggling with the onslaught of readily available, free information on the internet.  The ones that have any chance of surviving have to stay relevant in a rapidly changing journalism scene where everyone is a …

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