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Stephen Colbert to Replace Letterman on ‘Late Show’

When David Letterman announced his retirement from the Late Show on April 3rd, rumors immediately began swirling as to who would replace the 33-year-long television icon. The first forerunners were obviously fellow late-night show hosts. However, history shows that that transition has a history of not working well (*cough* Conan O’Brien *cough cough*). Following that initial list, names like Tina …

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Janelle Monae Finds “Primetime” Love with Miguel

The lover of “androids,” Janelle Monae, may have finally found her one true love – at lease on camera. While Janelle Monae is widely known as a Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter, it looks like she’s stumbled upon a vibrant, new talent – acting. With the video release of her new single, “Primetime,” Monae seems to have struck yet another …

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Megyn Kelly Will Be Moving To Primetime On Fox News

Megyn Kelly of Fox News fame announced back in February that she was pregnant. As a result, she’ll be leaving the news channel for a while, but she’s in for a big promotion upon her return. Fox News announced on Tuesday that Kelly will be moved to the channel’s primetime lineup after she returns from maternity leave. Roger Ailes, Chairman …

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Online Viewing Becoming A TV Substitute

A higher percentage of people are going online to watch primetime TV shows, according to a new report from Integrated Media Measurement Inc. (IMMI).

More than twenty percent of people view some amount of primetime television online. Within the group of online viewers, 50 percent are watching programming as it becomes available and are using the computer as replacement for the television set. 

The other 50 percent are using the Internet to watch previous programs they missed, or to re-watch clips of episodes they have already seen.

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