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Will Skype’s Pricing Put Its Growth On Hold?

Skype, an Internet communications company, is now offering U.S. and Canadian customers a paid annual subscription service that will allow registered users to make unlimited to any phones located within the U.S. or Canada.

Coldfusion Conference Pricing

I’ve seen a few comments about the cost of CFUNITED and the earlybird closing date. In the past, it’s not been something I’ve paid much attention to because I’ve always attended as a speaker and always gotten all my material in on time so TeraTech comps the fee and the hotel. If you don’t get your act together as a speaker, they still comp the conference but you pay for your hotel!

Oracle Pays $98.5 Mil For Pricing Fraud

When Oracle acquired PeopleSoft, it also acquired what would be one of the largest civil settlement payouts to the US government in history, and perhaps until recently, one of history’s best-compensated whistleblowers on the payroll, who got nearly 20 percent of the government’s take.

DOJ Interested In Digital Music Pricing

Subpoenas for more information from the major music labels are arriving from the Department of Justice, with industry sources claiming DOJ has opened a new investigation into possible industry collusion on prices.

Finally, Info On OneCare Pricing

CNET has an anonymous source telling them that Microsoft will announce this week that it plans to ship the release version of Windows OneCare Live before the summer.

Taobao Seeks Pricing Battle With eBay
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The next battle in China for the eyes and wallets of Internet users there will be over online auctions.

Yahoo Rapt With Online Pricing Service

The portal company has used Rapt’s Price Director in North America since 2004, and will now extend that internationally.

Pay for Performance Pricing Models for Search Engine Optimization

I do think that it is entirely possible for an SEO and client to work out a pay for performance pricing structure that is fair to both. Logistically, though the tracking involved to this would add additional layers to the total process of ranking and reporting.

Google Testing Simplified AdWords Pricing

Quality counts the most when composing an ad, as one AdWords user found when logging into the ad system today.

Oracle’s New Pricing and Licensing Plan

Yesterday, Oracle announced that it has updated its multi-core processor pricing and licensing policy. It now more closely resembles those of the company’s competitors.

Oracle Backs Down On Multi-Core Pricing

The database and application company wanted to charge businesses a license fee for each processor on a system using its products.

Determining the Value of Your SEO Service

Every once in a while–and probably more often than we should–we find ourselves reviewing our SEO pricing models. Pricing SEO has always been a real sticking point for me because there is no one-size-fits-all pricing metric.

Psychology of Setting Prices

Pricing is one of the four major components of marketing. Psychological pricing forms one of the key elements of demand pricing wherein the consumer demand is the main focus. The price and quality relationship that governs the central theme of the consumer market relationship is surrounded by uncertainty and gives the consumer the perception that higher the price, better the quality.

Broadband Approaching Dialup Pricing

SBC and Yahoo have placed an offer for $14.95 per month pricing for DSL connectivity on the SBC web site.

Adsense Smart Pricing Explained

A few days ago I attempted to explain Adsense Ad Click Value Variations (or why sometimes clicks are worth a lot and other times they are not).

Small Business Pricing Strategies

It’s tough out there, particularly because of layoffs and our sluggish economy. So what’s a small business entrepreneur trying to make a living to do? Try these low-cost pricing strategies to keep sales moving.

Price Your Products Differently in Different Markets

Last April, the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, and the US-based Global Health Council held a 3-days workshop about “Pricing and Financing of Essential Drugs” in poor countries. Not surprisingly, the conclusion was:

Oracle Pricing Plans For PeopleSoft

Oracle has a new price model it plans on implementing for the recently acquired PeopleSoft. This could indicate a price drop is coming for user of PeopleSoft products.

Singh Stresses Rationality for Energy Pricing

India Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has stressed the importance of rationality when dealing with energy pricing.

Improvements to Google Adwords Content Network Yields Results

Just had an interesting conversation with Mike Mayzel of Google, about the changes they made to their contextual ad network over the past 12 months.

Microsoft Announces Availability and Pricing of Virtual Server 2005

Virtual Machine Solution for Windows Server 2003 Delivers On Dynamic Systems Initiative Road Map.