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Online Coupons Attract Those With Higher Incomes
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 Coupons found online are more often used by consumers with higher incomes according to a survey from PriceRunner.com

Online Shoppers Unhappy With Return Process

In a PriceRunner survey of 400 shoppers who have been purchasing items online between one in five years found that close to 40 percent of survey respondents were not satisfied with returning items they had purchased online.

The main reasons given for returning an item online were, an item was damaged, the wrong item was shipped and the item was an unwanted gift or a duplicate.

Europe: PriceRunner Makes Deal With MSN

Comparison shopping results delivered by MSN in France and the United Kingdom will arrive from PriceRunner, which is part of online advertising firm ValueClick.

ValueClick To Acquire Pricerunner

ValueClick, provider of media, technology and services, today announced that it has agreed to acquire Pricerunner AB, a comparison shopping services site in Europe.