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Travel Deals: A Cure For the Common Christmas

“Next year we’re not doing a Christmas tree or gifts at all! We’re all just going to go to Hawaii!” Each year since my youth my mom has hollered this through a straitjacket of stringed lights as if it was a threat. Meanwhile, my siblings and I kept waiting with bated breath for her to make good on delivering this …

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Shatner Returns as the Priceline Negotiator

In January, William Shatner’s Priceline Negotiator was killed off, and Priceline ads began featuring a different spokesperson. In case you don’t remember, the Priceline Negotiator met his doom in the act of saving a bus full of endangered tourists. Saving them from high prices on hotels, of course. Take a look at Shatner’s funny, fiery death below: That’s certainly more …

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Priceline, Zagat Survey Partner has entered into an agreement with Zagat Survey, which will provide exclusive online hotel reviews for priceline customers to access for free.

Zagat survey information will cover hotels, restaurants, attractions in the US and some international locations. The Zagat information, along with traveler reviews from priceline customers will feature more than 600 cities and thousands of hotels, restaurants and attractions.

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