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Search Share: Microsoft Continues To Fall

The Hitwise count of US search market share found Google rising, Yahoo and Microsoft dropping, and Ask picking up a smidgeon of searches.

The .TV Relaunch
The .TV relaunch was not very successful because the premium domain name prices are yearly recurring fees (which may increase beyond that price buy some unknown amount).

People who would create great content and later stumble into a business model are not likely to do so on a premium .tv name…which means most of those domain names won’t have high quality content on them. Those that do may see thin profit margins because they have no control over their domain names…as they make them more valuable the registrar can increase prices without mercy, and when the registrant can no longer afford the domain names the registry gets to keep or sell any brand value the registrant built up. 

Ask Mobile Spins A Webby Award

The Webby Awards recognized a variety of websites and services, and when it came to mobile sites there were none better than Ask’s product.

Text Messaging = Price Gouging? OMG! WTF?
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In comparison to the other ways in which consumers spend money, sending a text message seems relatively cheap. The truth, however, is that mobile users pay 7314% more to send a text message than they actually should.

Skype Thinks Twice The Price Is Nice

EBay’s Skype may be taking a page out of Microsoft’s playbook. The VoIP company released a new product yesterday that seems awfully familiar, at twice the price.

The beta version of Skype Prime, part of Skype 3.1 for Windows, a widget that allows Skype users to become online, on-call experts.

For example, if you’re a business consultant of some kind, you can set up a hotline for people to call you for advice and guidance in your area of expertise. Experts can charge per minute or per call.

Vonage Awaiting Last Rites From Verizon Jury

A verdict is expected by tomorrow as to whether or not Vonage owes Verizon nearly $200 million in patent infringement penance, and almost $5 per customer in royalties. If so, Verizon blasts a very large hole in an already sinking ship.

BestBuy Pricing Scandal – The New Bait-and-Switch
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Best Buy’s got some ‘splaining to do. Connecticut’s Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has launched an investigation into allegations that Best Buy is intentionally employing a 21st Century bait-and-switch model, enticing customers with sale prices on the store Website and then jacking up the price once they get to the store itself.

Best Buy, of course, denies any such charlatanistic practices.

AdWords CPC Price Gouge Bug Fixed?

Search Engine Roundtable has reported the fixing of Google AdWords CPC Price Gouge Bug. The bug pushed up minimum bids to unnatural highs for some keywords. Webmasterworld members have reported relative normalcy over the weekend.

my accout is 75% or more back to normal.

Ask Gets Smart For Children

Ask.com has added something new to their Smart Answer collection by making the International Children’s Digital Library available as a top-of-page resource for children’s literature-related queries.

A Reasonable Price to Pay for SEO?

SEO Question: What is a reasonable price to pay for professional SEO services?

Facebook’s New Price: $8 Billion?

Well, it is called Facebook, a name that invites a certain amount of narcissism, or at least some inflated self-worth. Yahoo probably didn’t dream that an offer as high as $1.62 billion would be rejected. But Yahoo probably didn’t expect to hear the metallic hubris pinging out a tune of $8 billion, either.

Perception Of Value

Why do people buy your products? Why do they purchase any product or service? One thing’s for certain, it’s not about the price.

AdWords and History of PPC Price Inflation

Detlev Johnson, in the SearchReturn email newsletter, weighs in on the subject of landing page quality algorithms by turning to a history of paid search price increases:

A Look Ahead: SEW Minus Danny Sullivan

Search Engine Watch and Danny Sullivan have been synonymous in the minds of search professionals for several years. After November 30th, Sullivan will no longer post to the SEW blog. WebProNews asked a group of well-known search industry pros for their thoughts on the day after Sullivan files his last blog entry under the SEW brand.

How Bad is Windows Vista Home Basic?

Yes, Windows Vista Home Basic is not the world’s greatest operating system. Unlike XP Home, the cheapest version of Vista is actually missing a lot of things Windows enthusiasts will consider necessities.

Yahoo Sees Advertising Slowdown, Share Price Drops

A double whammy for Yahoo. Not only did the company announce it is seeing a slowdown in advertising spend in its two hottest sectors…

Google News Archive

Google has debuted a new service that allows you to search news archives dating back something like two hundred years.

SES 2006: It’s Hard Out Here For A Blogger

Mike McDonald found himself in a room with a larger A-list than a Nathaniel Hawthorne character sketch. San Jose (or thereabouts) is where the big search engines and their famed bloggers live. The only thing better than this, says Mike, would be Danny Sullivan in lederhosen.

Keyword Price Hikes Expected In Long Term

Search engine marketers should prepare themselves for “explosive keyword inflation” over the next few years, according to a keynote address given by SearchEngineWatch’s Chris Sherman.

Wii’ve Got A Price and Wiimote VoIP
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We have news and a rumor regarding Nintendo’s latest incarnation, Wii. It will come reasonably priced for the gamer market, according to the company’s US financial report. And it just may be that the Wiimote will be VoIP enabled.

Gas Prices Spike Searches For Hybrids

Gas prices reaching $2.90-$3.00 per gallon appear are the boiling point that pushes consumers onto the Internet to research some peace of mind, according Hitwise. Searches for [gas prices] and [hybrid] soar at those prices, as does traffic to energy sites.

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