Gold Prices: Hong Kong To The Rescue?

Gold Prices: Hong Kong To The Rescue?

By Toni Matthews-El September 29, 2014

Much of the recent fluctuation in gold prices was blamed on the improving American economy. The changing economic landscape in the United States is considered key for determining the long-term market value of the precious metal As such, gold suffered …

Diller States That Paid Content Is On The Way

Remember not so long ago when Rupert Murdoch was espousing the future of paid content? It is unavoidable was the cry but there has been not much said since. That is, until Barry Diller stated his version of the story at the Goldman Communacopia conference as reported by the Business Insider.

eBay Finds Buyer For Skype

The New York Times is reporting that eBay has a deal to sell Skype thus ending a rather tragic acquisition saga that began in 2005 when eBay ‘won’ in their fight with Google and Yahoo to buy the Internet phone service.

This Is The New $5 Napster

What Do You Think Of The New Napster?

Price Or Convenience? Maybe Both

Last month Nielsen Online released the results of survey suggesting that online shoppers prefer the convenience of online shopping as their main reason for participating.

This month, another survey says that price is the most important factor.

Price Drives Online Holiday Shoppers

Price and free shipping are on the minds of online holiday shoppers this season. Forty-three percent said price was the most important factor and 18 percent cited free shipping, according to a recent survey by Synovate of Chicago for Guidance.

Radiohead Goes to the Store

We’ve covered the Radiohead experiment since it started. And as of Monday, the experiment is over. It did give them a lot of press, I’m not so sure it gave them a lot of cash. Normally artists aren’t the best at distribution and marketing, which is why there are middlemen. In every industry I’ve seen this usually serves both sides well.

“The Price is Right” Gets Site, Social Network

I like “The Price is Right,” and have spent countless lunches watching the show.  Enthusiastic fans can now effectively revisit it at any point in the day, though, thanks to a new “The Price is Right” site.

AT&T Sets Spectrum Price, Buys Out Aloha

The remaining frontier is in the sky, as you might guess, and AT&T’s buyout of Aloha’s chunk of 700 MHz spectrum in advance of January’s government auction is a strategic move to conquer that frontier.

EU Wants Price Caps On Text Messages

The European Commission is lobbying mobile phone operators to discount their rates for text messages and is threatening to put price caps in place if they don’t comply. Recently price caps were put in place for roaming charges.

Woman Sues Apple Over Price Cuts
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WARNING: The following contains names of Chinese language origins that have beautiful meanings in that language. At no time will we condone crass comparisons and/or puns noting their similarities to certain American English euphemisms or expressions. The same goes for obligatory references to a certain character in John Hughes’s "Sixteen Candles," who was a Korean played by a Japanese actor anyway.

Interest, Suspicion Surround Facebook App’s Sale
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Some strange stuff occurs on eBay, and in the latest example of this, a Facebook application called “I am Hungry” was auctioned off for over $20,000.  Was this a sign that the app market is red hot or were there shill bids placed in the auction? (As speculated in an article at Valleywag.)

Radiohead Says Name Your Download Price

The real disruption in the music industry will be when more big name acts follow Radiohead’s route, by dropping the middleman and taking their songs to the fans.

Ask City Draws Up Map Embedding

Users of Ask City can whip out their drawing tools, select an area on a map, search for a relevant business or event, and embed that map on their sites or blogs.

Steve Job’s iPhone Price Drop

On Wednesday the news lines were afire as Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs announced a $200 price slash on the iPhone. Ever since the announcement there has been rampant speculation on Job’s move…

Why, why, why?

AT&T: Nobody Wants Our $10 DSL
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AT&T’s new head is a smooth one, definitely Dapper Dan and not Fop. It takes a quarter-century of industry experience to tap dance around honest questions the way he does.

Price Of Competitor Keyword Data: One Subpoena

A revived squabble between two recreational flooring companies has resulted in Google being subpoenaed for some of its keyword purchase data. The full implications of the order are not yet known, but third parties are nervous about being pulled in, and others worry about competitive data being de facto purchased through the courts.